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#1268 Switch to ttf fonts in SDL port confirmed Future 10 years
#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game assigned myshkin Future 10 years
#1276 Make status effects more interesting confirmed Future 10 years
#1279 Introduce monster mana confirmed v4 10 years
#1283 Move to C99 types pending elly Future 10 years
#1286 SDL: better font selection new Future 10 years
#1288 Remove cheat options, move them to wizard mode confirmed takkaria Future 10 years
#1290 Rewrite the debug-mode object flag display so that it doesn't require manual changes for every new flag confirmed Future 10 years
#1296 Remove 'b'rowse command confirmed Future 10 years
#1298 Update races confirmed d_m v4 10 years
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters new Future 10 years
#1328 Rewrite target.c so it's less hideous confirmed Future 10 years
#1332 Add more mimic/lurker types confirmed GabeCunningham v4 10 years
#1354 avoid save when purposefully set off traps confirmed Future 9 years
#1375 Add Mac OS X support to and support to the Mac build assigned myshkin Future 9 years
#1376 Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file assigned magnate v4 9 years
#1386 Sort brands by damage confirmed magnate Future 9 years
#1408 Monster-specific ESP new v4 9 years
#1410 Smooth-scrolling tiles new Future 9 years
#1421 Add more caster items new v4 9 years
#1428 [Proposal] Monster Recall Highlighting for Troublesome Monsters assigned magnate Future 9 years
#1436 Distinguish combat bonuses between weapons, launchers and other sources new v4 9 years
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks new magnate v4 9 years
#1442 Set bonuses for artifacts confirmed magnate v4 9 years
#1448 Allow specification of seed_randart new Future 9 years
#1449 Throwing should not ID-by-use for non-throwing items confirmed Future 9 years
#1450 Store knowledge of what in-LOS monsters have picked up or stolen new v4 9 years
#1457 Improve the run command confirmed d_m Future 9 years
#1459 Rework Banishment confirmed Future 9 years
#1476 Improve stats collection for items assigned myshkin Future 9 years
#1477 Allow min pval in object.txt confirmed Future 9 years
#1483 Make chests more interesting new Future 9 years
#1503 Finish visual editing UI confirmed Future 9 years
#1504 Tidy up lighting code assigned takkaria Future 9 years
#1509 Save entire message history new Future 9 years
#1520 Remove Satisfy Hunger confirmed v4 9 years
#1524 Remove the various huge *_info arrays, thus removing the need for maxima confirmed Future 9 years
#1549 OSX support for double-height tiles assigned myshkin Future 9 years
#1550 Socket system assigned magnate Future 9 years
#1555 Use new character glyphs new Future 9 years
#1562 Get cleverer about affix compatibility new magnate v4 9 years
#1564 Add libtermkey to the GCU port new d_m Future 9 years
#1567 Allow affixes and themes to grant activations new magnate v4 9 years
#1568 Policy on alloc_prob == 0 new v4 9 years
#1585 Add bool no_arts to artifact_type new magnate v4 9 years
#1588 Separate monster casting power from monster level new v4 9 years
#1589 Heuristic for obviousness of item properties confirmed magnate v4 9 years
#1598 Replace pseudoID new v4 9 years
#1607 Summary flag screens for inventory and home new v4 9 years
#1656 Convert archery to the new combat system new magnate v4 8 years
#1673 Add the Club of Bullroarer new v4 8 years
#1682 Build without ncursesw5-config new Ongoing 8 years
#1693 Playable (full) troll race new Future 8 years
#1700 New playable race: Pixie new Future 8 years
#1714 Accidental Earthquakes aren't fun new Future 8 years
#1720 The player race "Dunadan" ought to have an accented "u". new Future 7 years
#1721 Graphical touches to add to the ASCII interface new Future 7 years
#1745 Add passive LOS searching new Future 7 years
#1749 Make caverns have a better risk:reward ratio new d_m Future 7 years
#1784 Add prompt_direction option back for Timo new Future 7 years
#1805 More intelligent starting kit for birth_no_recall characters new Future 7 years
#1814 Get rid of z-virt new Future 7 years
#1836 Restoring "highlight player with cursor" would improve accessibility new Future 6 years
#2045 PowerWyrm's pathfinding improvements confirmed Ongoing 3 years
#2104 Flicker on shapechange new Future 18 months
#2137 Improve throwing new 4.2 10 months
#2155 Improvement to town layout new 4.2 10 months
#2173 More tiering of status effects new Triage 8 months
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