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#42 Make all terminal access/printing functions use (y, x) co-ordinates new Future 14 years normal
#45 Minimise usage of standard string functions new Ongoing 14 years normal
#64 Add reference counting for inscriptions new Future 14 years low
#66 "Panic saves" shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles new Future 14 years normal
#97 Outstanding menus to fix assigned takkaria Future 14 years normal
#138 Game should be re-entrant confirmed Future 14 years normal
#221 Switch to using cave_info2[][] for player-specific bits assigned elly v4 13 years
#340 Add tests and documentation for z-msg confirmed takkaria Future 13 years
#377 Too many hacks? assigned elly Future 13 years
#524 Avoid using atexit() confirmed Future 13 years
#564 Need some analysis of mage spells new v4 13 years
#581 Use a flag-based terrain system new v4 13 years
#659 Get valgrind reporting that all memory is properly freed at game exit confirmed Ongoing 12 years
#674 Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables confirmed Future 12 years
#769 Assertions assigned elly Future 12 years
#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation assigned d_m Future 12 years
#807 Savefile: remove excess null-bytes confirmed Future 12 years
#876 Check for format-string based security holes confirmed ajps Future 11 years
#1041 Refactor effects to allow variables assigned magnate v4 11 years
#1114 Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X new Future 11 years
#1124 Consolidate flag data into list-* files assigned magnate v4 11 years
#1134 Update spoilers and angband-doc package confirmed magnate Future 11 years
#1165 Collect stats on randarts assigned magnate v4 10 years
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation new elly Future 10 years
#1287 Check up on licences of fonts confirmed takkaria Future 10 years
#1303 Create savefile loader testsuite confirmed Future 10 years
#1377 Copyright notices are inconsistent. confirmed Future 10 years
#1403 Outstanding refactoring confirmed magnate v4 10 years
#1497 Create an interactive monster.txt editor new v4 9 years
#1499 Replace indices in function calls with pointers new Future 9 years
#1502 Create a master message buffer confirmed Future 9 years
#1529 Improve package scripts confirmed Future 9 years
#1530 Fix curly braces, space indenting, line endings, and trailing whitespace confirmed Future 9 years
#1548 Review artifact.txt assigned magnate v4 9 years
#1558 Changes to tvals and svals assigned magnate v4 9 years
#1560 Racial equipment bonuses/penalties new magnate v4 9 years
#1569 Store o_ptr->num_affixes new magnate v4 9 years
#1599 Split up improve_attack_modifier confirmed magnate Future 9 years
#1600 Create master table for legal affixes new magnate v4 9 years
#1728 Add a buildbot builder to exercise the build system new Future 8 years
#1830 Update SDL frontend to SDL 2.x new noz v4 6 years
#1914 Messages running together confirmed Ongoing 6 years
#1975 New item property grid new Future 4 years
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI confirmed Ongoing 23 months
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files new Ongoing 22 months
#2181 Improve documentation new 4.2 11 months
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