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#229 Empty wands/staffs sold to stores should be recharged MarbleDice bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#231 Purchase report in store is wrong ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#232 Solid block characters are invisible under Windows Vista bug 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#233 -more- in shops is not quite right ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#234 Unify useable/eatable/spell code takkaria task Future fixed (in master)
#235 DEFAULT_PATH does not get expanded by ./configure takkaria bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#236 object.txt does not get installed takkaria bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#237 Windows Angband reacts to clicks while in the background bug duplicate
#238 SDL-mixer compilation broken with autoconf takkaria bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#239 Monster memory display glitch ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#240 Not all monster types show up in the "Display monster knowledge" detailed UI bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#241 Restore '-' command and '*' to 'g' command change 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#242 High score menu missing from knowledge display screen ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#243 Monster knowledge issues (more!) bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#244 Always allow use of wrapping and space to advance in menus takkaria bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#245 !d inscribed on an object should mean "never drop" ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#246 Artifact knowledge bugs ajps bug 3.0.9 worksforme
#247 prt_welcome() in store.c sometimes oversteps array bounds ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#248 Hiding squelcables interacts badly with glyph of warding bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#249 Detect object/enchantment should not show squelched items ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#250 'K' should be a "mark item as squelch" command takkaria change 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#251 Acid damage of inventory items broken bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#252 Miscellaneous issues bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#253 The NO_FUEL flag isn't described in obj-info.c bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#254 Item drops when there are lots of squelched items on the floor bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#255 Knowledge screen recall inconsistency ajps bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#256 Allow review of store and home contents via the knowledge menu magnate change 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#257 Prompts should be updated with mouse support notes (xtra2.c) bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#258 More useful monster recall change v4 fixed (in master)
#259 Macros not being saved/loaded properly? bug 3.0.9 worksforme
#260 LITE flag behaviour changed bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#261 Revisit the split between resists and abilities magnate change 3.3.0 fixed (in master)
#262 Weird output when quaffing a Cure Light Wounds potion bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#263 DET_RADIUS should be a function of caster level takkaria change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#265 '-' key not working bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#266 Innate infravision not shown in character info matrix bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#267 message displays wrong total count after purchasing items that you already have bug 3.0.9 duplicate
#268 RISC OS port needs realloc hook ajps bug 3.2.0 invalid
#269 Sort out "message package" elly task 3.3.0 fixed (in master)
#270 No transparency for items/player/monsters bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#271 Stairs rarely generated under player bug 3.0.8 fixed (in master)
#272 Windows port term windows z-order wrong bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#273 Banishment crashes game bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#274 Walking over objects while blinded doesn't mark them bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#275 Remove/redo "social class" change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#276 Fix monster drops bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#278 Lights measured in player-turns, not game-turns bug wontfix
#279 Wand of Wonder always has maximal effect, not random bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#280 Variable used without being initialized bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#281 Path never used for X11 library lookups takkaria bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#282 Angband relies on RGB colours in curses port bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#283 Update object and spell descriptions bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#284 TMJ tracking bug bug 3.1.2v2 fixed (in master)
#285 disturb_panel doesn't work, and hasn't worked since at least 3.0.6. bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#286 In bigtile mode, sometimes the sides of the command menu aren't removed properly. bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#287 Too many identical entries for magma veins/dart traps/jammed doors in the knowledge screens. bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#288 General store too restrictive in buying habits. MarbleDice bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#289 The monster pictures on the '[' command are only half-displayed in bigtile mode. bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#290 Stat reduction attacks reduce already-minimum stats bug 3.1.0 worksforme
#292 Menus should use 1234567890 as little as possible for "tags". bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#293 Graphics for flavoured items wrong in knowledge browser bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#294 Dummy object recall issues magnate bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#295 Ego knowledge ('~') doesn't talk about possible hidden attributes bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#296 Shutdown bug on Windows bug 3.5.0 fixed (in master)
#297 Problems on NetBSD bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#299 Add squelch_worthless option to determine whether worthless potions, etc get squelched takkaria bug 3.0.9 fixed (in master)
#302 Monster order in monsters.txt versus monster memory behavior ctate change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#303 Detect monster creates 'visible' monsters that interrupts R* bug Triage wontfix
#304 Shouldn't allow more than one selection for subwindow options bug Triage wontfix
#305 hide_squelchable acts odd for items in your inventory bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#306 run isn't working bug duplicate
#307 Innate infravision shown as equipment modifier in self-knowledge bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#308 Wands of wonder no longer IDing their flavor when aimed ctate bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#310 New item allocation system with gradients takkaria change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#311 Fix mushrooms takkaria bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#312 Consumables should appear in piles bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#313 Potion changes takkaria change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#315 Hidden squelchables show up in the "get item" menu when part of piles. bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#316 Rebalance wands/rods/staffs takkaria bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#317 Fix overly powerful missile weapons change 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#318 Consolidate monster entries change 3.3.0 fixed (in master)
#319 problem with autopickup bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#320 Fix rings bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#321 Fix amulets bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#322 Savefile importing strange between rev 408 and rev 435 bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#323 Phantom staff in [436] bug Triage worksforme
#324 Debug command 'v' (create very good obj) always creates a Mushroom of Blindness at dlevel >= 90 bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#325 Using single items on floor requires extra prompt bug Triage invalid
#326 Targetting with mouse does odd things bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#327 Fix mouse behaviour when using the 'l'ook command bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#328 *_lore functions should also write to subwindows when appropriate d_m bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#329 Object Description Tweaks & Other Minor Quibbles takkaria bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#330 Remove "object_level" and "monster_level" globals bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#331 Specify monster HP in monster.txt as an average, not with hitdice bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#332 Target no longer clears when targeted monster dies bug 3.5.0 fixed (in master)
#333 Fixes for window positions in main-x11 change 3.1.0 worksforme
#335 SDL port can't find font files when installed globally bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#336 Installer does not copy to proper directory bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#337 GTK port shows no animations bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#338 Mac OS X Open Dialogbox bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
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