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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Resolution Ticket
#453 Normal hard studded leather pseudo-ids as {magical} bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#454 Button patch: buttons not redrawn in inventory/equip/etc mode bug 3.5.0 wontfix
#455 Button patch: string and number entry do not have buttons bug 3.5.0 wontfix
#456 {tried} inscription in store items bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#457 Keep the files required to make a debian distribution in SVN bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#459 Potions of Brawn sometimes have bad description, lower strength bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#460 CLW etc description misleading bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#481 Char History Screen Incorrect Starting Turn bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#483 Factor out the device failure rate calculation into a seperate function (check_devices(), cmd6.c) magnate bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#484 Add new curses: cannot-drop curse change 4.1 wontfix
#486 Stop Enter in shops buying items bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#487 OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#488 Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful GabeCunningham change 4.2 fixed (in master)
#489 DTrap status indicator should be a more visible colour than dark green bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#490 !CCW too rare bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#491 Inventory should be the default display when selling or dropping regardless of previous screen used bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#492 !*!*!* only prompts once on an inscription bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#493 Windows port doesn't save when computer shut down bug Triage duplicate
#494 Some typos bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#495 Not all effects are handled bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#496 Awareness of wand/staff kind should give info about # of charges bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#497 store.c: buy with g/p broken in roguelike keyset bug 3.0.9b fixed (in master)
#498 Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not always correct] bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#499 Many wrong effect descriptions bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#500 Some of the help files have CR+LF and some have only LF bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#501 Add method of death to the character dump. change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#503 Resuscitate screen dumps from within stores magnate change 3.2.0 wontfix
#504 Compiler warnings (MacOS, r754) change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#505 OS X: Beachball crash for r754 opening v3.0.9 savefile with randarts bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#506 MacOS: Keep SVN Angband from interfering with other versions myshkin change 3.5.0 fixed (in master)
#507 ./configure doesn't seem to detect the lack of ncurses development libraries bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#508 MacOS: main-x11.c uses #define rather than typedef to define uint bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#510 Monsters shouldn't be able to drop items branded against them. change v4 fixed (in v4)
#511 OS X: Problem "Hiding" Angband bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#512 Make browsing the knowledge screen easier bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#513 Allow platform ports to provide a native save-box for character dumps. bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#514 Carry across autoconfigure fix bug 3.0.9b fixed (in master)
#515 Disallow debug chars on the high score list bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#516 Feature Request: Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands change 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#517 Make money depth and value less hard-coded bug 3.1.0 wontfix
#519 Get the debian bits to the point where they can be autobuilt magnate bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#520 Pref files seem not to be being saved properly bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#521 strange startup hang problem on XP bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#522 Reconsider the three-potion system bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#523 Import FA's get_item() and get_spell() menu-ified functions bug 3.2.0 duplicate
#525 Remove gain charisma/lose another stat potion with earlier Charisma potions bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#526 Purge some artifacts magnate change 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#527 Add a monster light patch magnate change 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#528 Nearby objects should be listed in the monster list, a la Sangband change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#529 Make the object recall term window far more useful bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#530 Allow reviewing the contents of the home from the knowledge screens. change duplicate
#532 Monster recall should make better use of colour bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#533 Chart the mana-vs.-damage distribution for mages and priests task 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#534 Rework critical hits magnate change v4 fixed (in v4)
#535 Mages should always have mana available bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#536 Stepping next to a sleeping monster should not allow it to wake up *and* hit in the same turn bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#537 ARROW_* attacks should not always hit bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#538 Add the tvals for oil and dragon armor to the tval squelch list bug 3.0.9b fixed (in master)
#539 Fix colour saving bug 3.0.9b fixed (in master)
#540 Fix up Narya et al. bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#541 Monster recall needs better vulnerablity display MarbleDice bug 3.1.2 beta fixed (in master)
#542 Disturb on reaching full mana/HP bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#543 Sort out balance after changes to bow damage bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#544 Show coloured dot at edge of dtrap areas broken at map edge bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#545 Add "Open Recent" support for the Mac OS X port change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#546 Allow Enter to work on options menu bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#547 Trap detection should detect traps on chests. artes bug 3.4.0 fixed (in master)
#548 OS X port should remember the "antialias" setting in the menus bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#549 OS X port should reorganise the Windows menu change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#550 Show all monsters when using '[' change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#551 Shop Owners no longer rotate bug invalid
#552 Highscores busted takkaria bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#553 Merging prayer books bug wontfix
#554 Failure rate display for spells is wrong bug 3.1.0 invalid
#555 Break up visually what happens each "turn" change 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#556 Need a 'reset squelch' option at creation change 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#557 autosquelch squelches 'good' cursed items bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#558 Vaults don't have good objects bug 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#559 ID store items change Triage invalid
#560 Limit char dumps to 80 characters wide bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#561 Repeat command ('n') interactions with confusion and @f1 Mangojuice bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#562 Ego items shouldn't be 'average' or 'cursed' for squelching bug 3.1.1 beta fixed (in master)
#563 Add functions to get information on what the player knows from an item change 3.2.0 fixed (in master)
#565 can't sell a staff bug Triage invalid
#566 Minor display update issue in point-based chargen bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#567 MacOS: new application icon change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#568 Objects on ground show up in shops bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#569 Add minimum depths for various traps bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#570 Minor display issue: 'l'ooking at money on the ground bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#571 Multiple pval support magnate change 3.3.0 fixed (in master)
#572 Avoid unavoidable deaths magnate bug 3.4.0 fixed (in master)
#573 Update comments in tables.c to match p_class.txt change 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#576 Item flavours file needs a better format change 3.5.0 fixed (in master)
#577 Debug mode isn't friendly in the slightest bug duplicate
#579 Squelch display issues bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#582 Traps are boring bug duplicate
#583 lib/xtra/graf/mr_att.png is not installed with "make install" shanoah bug 3.1.0 worksforme
#584 There should be an error message if save game cannot be overwritten bug 3.1.0 fixed (in master)
#585 Orc with bad item in 880 bug 3.1.0 invalid
#587 Think about adding EyAngband item prefixes magnate change v4 fixed (in v4)
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