Milestone: 4.3

No date set

This milestone is used for any tickets which are long-term aspirations not yet scheduled for a particular release. Any non-bug tickets without owners should be set to this milestone when they are triaged/confirmed.

This is for ongoing changes to the codebase - like adding more assertions, long-term refactoring projects, etc.

This milestone is the default, and is used for all new tickets of all types. When triaged by a developer, the ticket is either confirmed and assigned a new milestone, or closed as an unreproducible bug or an undesired change.

Tickets which are eventually closed as "invalid", "duplicate", "wontfix" or "worksforme" should have their milestone re-set to Triage to avoid them contaminating reports of tickets actually fixed for a real milestone.

This milestone refers to the "v4" fork of the game, which contains many changes which may or may not end up in the mainline (3.x) releases. It has no scheduled release date, and is likely to remain in long-term development. These changes may or may not include:

  • sort out the LOS/FOV/projection mess (#757, #768)
  • monster flow/AI/detection (#78, #300, #574, #591, #963, #1113, #1433), including importing elements of 4GAI
  • rework armour effects on attacks (#1205)
  • other combat changes (#1279, #1436, #1437)
  • detection changes (#298, #418, #509, #1015, #1161, #1408, #1450)
  • reworked magic (#1421 and implications for classes/skills)
  • more changes to dungeon generation (room types, traps, terrain)
  • changes to stores (maybe dungeon stores)
  • rebalancing/redistributing monsters (#443, #488, #595, #1492)
  • ego monsters
  • new cursed items with quest-like connotations
  • changes to races and classes (#594, #1024, #1298)
  • any other tickets appearing on the DifficultGame page

Intended changes by owner:

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