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Update races — at Initial Version

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So, here are some usage stats from oook:

785 high elf
398 dwarf
328 dunedain
212 half-troll
171 human
138 hobbit
133 gnome
132 kobold
106 half-orc
95 half-elf
79 elf

Here are some conclusions I've drawn from this stat, general discussions of races, and playing:

  1. The XP penalty is pointless and doesn't balance anything--if you are playing a "better" race you can just dive deeper to get the same XP you would have--and if you are playing a "bad" race you have to stay shallower anyway due to lack of resists/better-stats/power.
  1. Right now only two races lack infravision (human and dunedain) so basically it's a penalty against playing them. I think that other races (maybe elves and hobbits?) should lose it--I am not committed to the TSR model of infra-vision at all, and elves don't really live in caves (hobbits live in holes but well-lit ones).
  1. "elf" is pointless and no one plays it. We should remove it, and optionally rename "high elf" to "elf"
  1. Every race needs at least one cool resistance/power, or to be the best at one kind of stat, so there is some incentive to try that race out. Right now for "best" stat we have:

STR - half-troll (+4)
DEX - high-elf/hobbit (+3)
CON - half-troll/dunedain (+3)
INT - high-elf (+3)
DEX - dunedain/dwarf (+2)
CHA - this is a pointless stat

So the races who don't have a peak stat are: human, half-elf, elf, gnome, half-orc, kobold. The races with two peak stats are: high-elf, dunedain. It's OK for some races to be better than others, but right now Dunedain and High-Elf are probably a bit too good.

Anyway, I have more ideas but I need to just finish writing this ticket. My basic idea is that no one is playing the "challenge races" and I'm not sure they are even a useful concept. So, we should remove them and/or give them advantages over the "go to" races. We can also optionally rebalance the good races somewhat, especially given that the XP modifier (intended to balance the races) doesn't help at all.

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