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Create an interactive monster.txt editor

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To make it easier to add new monsters, it would be nice to have an interactive editor. One reason is to let the user enter information in easily readable fields. Another reason, which is more compelling for me, is to easily specify that you want a monster to have above average AC for its level (say), and have a number slotted in. Being able to generate the stats programmatically lets the monster designer focus on the general feel of the monster without getting bogged down in details.

A good first step would be to create a script (or in-game stats collection routine) that prints out stats for monsters at each dungeon level. For example, it could show the min / first quartile / median / third quartile / max for AC, HP, etc, separate for each dungeon level. Of course, such a calculation will only be really useful for the first 50 levels or so.

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