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#1826 closed bug (duplicate)

GCU port wall display is behaving strangely.

Reported by: myshkin Owned by:
Milestone: 3.5.1 Keywords: gcu


Reported in IRC by shadowsun. I don't understand the full scope of the problem, but there's some intersection of main-gcu, the -a option, font-gcu.prf, and perhaps terminal type. Conversation included below.

(08:03:35 PM) shadowsun: So, I'm playing angband on cli/console, no gui, on linux. I've tried regular font - angband won't place nice, demands a utf-8 console. So, I've converted the entire system console over to utf-8; I've tried with standard fonts, I've tried with terminus, etc, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why all the walls are invisible. Help?
(08:11:14 PM) myshkin: Hmm. What version?
(08:13:53 PM) myshkin: (Of Angband, that is.)
(08:16:54 PM) shadowsun: sorry, 3.5.0
(08:18:57 PM) myshkin: And you can see yourself and monsters, but not walls and doors?
(08:21:46 PM) shadowsun: I can see doors just fine
(08:21:46 PM) shadowsun: And I can see walls if they're lit by some light source
(08:21:46 PM) shadowsun: but instead of dim unlit walls, there's blackness and dim unlit floors, and it just looks weird.
(08:22:21 PM) myshkin: What's your TERM variable?
(08:22:24 PM) shadowsun: linxu
(08:22:26 PM) shadowsun: erm
(08:22:26 PM) shadowsun: linux
(08:22:47 PM) shadowsun: I'm at linux console, so the term is the vt from the kernel
(08:22:56 PM) shadowsun: i.e. there is no GUI here
(08:23:04 PM) ***myshkin nods
(08:24:08 PM) myshkin: There are some existing reports that may be related, but I'm not sure. Does toggling any of the UI options do anything?
(08:24:19 PM) shadowsun: No, I can't seem to change things about the walls
(08:24:30 PM) shadowsun: Like, no matter what I do, I don't get # and %
(08:24:35 PM) myshkin: (I assume solid_walls and hybrid_walls are the only ones likely to do anything.)
(08:24:42 PM) shadowsun: (Yeah, they seem to do nothing.)
(08:26:32 PM) myshkin: How about turning on ascii walls? e.g. .../angband -- -a? (You can also increase the number of subterms as a command-line option, if you weren't aware.)
(08:31:47 PM) shadowsun: uh
(08:31:54 PM) shadowsun: That's what I thought turning off solid walls would do
(08:33:23 PM) shadowsun: okay, that gives me back my # walls
(08:33:28 PM) shadowsun: But if they're unlit, they're not visible.
(08:33:40 PM) shadowsun: Is this new code trying to change the color of the terminal colors?
(08:33:49 PM) myshkin: Hm, that's a good point. It's been a while since I used the gcu port.
(08:34:15 PM) shadowsun: Yeah, I seem to run into "Everyone uses a GUI now" a lot lately
(08:34:29 PM) shadowsun: I'm quite happy being a fossil from time to time ;)
(08:34:41 PM) myshkin: Nothing wrong with that. :)
(08:34:46 PM) shadowsun: Zactly!
(08:35:01 PM) shadowsun: Also, using a raspberry pi as a desktop is saving me so much money on electricity it's absurd
(08:35:21 PM) myshkin: So, just for kicks, what happens if you change your TERM to xterm-256color?
(08:35:26 PM) shadowsun: good question
(08:36:50 PM) shadowsun: That's .... weird.
(08:36:51 PM) shadowsun: If it's lit, I can see it. If it's a door, I can see it if it's unlit
(08:36:51 PM) shadowsun: everything else is black.
(08:37:13 PM) myshkin: Okay, that's not good. I assume xterm is not any better, then.
(08:37:14 PM) shadowsun: Probably because there's only 16 colors in console, still
(08:38:44 PM) elly: I play only gcu, by the way
(08:38:58 PM) shadowsun: elly: How do you get unlit walls to show?
(08:39:05 PM) elly: sec
(08:42:29 PM) elly:
(08:42:29 PM) shadowsun left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(08:42:29 PM) elly: my walls look like that
(08:42:29 PM) elly: with no tweaking
(08:42:29 PM) elly: with -mgcu -- -a
(08:42:29 PM) elly: my TERM is xterm
(08:43:06 PM) shadowsun [] entered the room.
(08:43:09 PM) elly: heyo
(08:43:18 PM) shadowsun: Okay, had that irssi on the wrong box, sorry about that >.>
(08:43:36 PM) myshkin: elly: shouldn't -a imply # walls?
(08:43:41 PM) elly: myshkin: it does
(08:43:51 PM) elly: those are # walls, bolded
(08:43:53 PM) myshkin: Oh, sorry, looking at wrong graphics.
(08:43:58 PM) elly: yeah
(08:44:06 PM) shadowsun: it does, mostly
(08:44:06 PM) elly: anyway, that's with restruct master
(08:44:11 PM) elly: I can try 3.5.0
(08:44:24 PM) shadowsun: If you want me to try another version of angband, I can tomorrow
(08:44:51 PM) elly: you're using xterm, right?
(08:44:58 PM) shadowsun: elly: How would I use xterm?
(08:45:07 PM) shadowsun: I'm at console. There is no gui in which to run xterm. :)
(08:45:17 PM) myshkin: TERM=linux by default, but I had shadowsun try TERM=xterm and TERM=xterm-256color.
(08:45:17 PM) elly: oh, you're using an actual tty? okay
(08:45:21 PM) shadowsun: yeah
(08:45:25 PM) elly: no wonder TERM=linux
(08:45:28 PM) shadowsun: :)
(08:45:29 PM) elly: sec
(08:45:32 PM) shadowsun: <-- fossil lol
(08:47:15 PM) elly: walls look proper on tty2 for me with and without -a
(08:47:15 PM) elly: there TERM=linux
(08:47:15 PM) elly: what's your console font?
(08:47:25 PM) shadowsun: Right now it's default unicode kernel font
(08:48:47 PM) shadowsun: vt.default_utf8=1 to kernel cmdline
(08:48:48 PM) elly: hm
(08:48:48 PM) elly: did it not work without that cmdline option either?
(08:48:48 PM) shadowsun: It won't start without that
(08:48:48 PM) shadowsun: angband requires utf-8 to run now, apparently
(08:48:50 PM) shadowsun: Without it, it just tells me it requires utf-8 and quits
(08:50:17 PM) elly: O_o
(08:50:17 PM) shadowsun: unicode_start likes LatArCyrHeb-16
(08:51:47 PM) shadowsun: Which exhibits the same symptoms exactly as terminus' ter-114n.psf does.
(08:51:47 PM) shadowsun: and behaves exactly the same as the kernel default console font.
(08:51:47 PM) elly: yeah, I dunno
(08:51:47 PM) shadowsun: Of course, you apparenlty have to angband -- -a to actually pass it -a
(08:51:47 PM) elly: it works for me here
(08:51:47 PM) shadowsun: so I never tried that without utf-8.
(08:51:48 PM) shadowsun: Are you at tty?
(08:51:54 PM) elly: yes
(08:51:59 PM) shadowsun: Hrm
(08:52:00 PM) elly: in this case vt2
(08:52:06 PM) shadowsun: yeah, vt6 here
(08:52:09 PM) shadowsun: sec
(08:52:39 PM) shadowsun: what's your $LANG set to?
(08:53:02 PM) elly: en_US.UTF-8
(08:53:34 PM) shadowsun: Okay
(08:53:40 PM) shadowsun: and in angband, if you go = and edit colors
(08:53:45 PM) shadowsun: How many visible colors do you have?
(08:54:26 PM) elly: 28 it seems
(08:54:42 PM) shadowsun: I have 1-28
(08:54:46 PM) shadowsun: 0 is apparently black
(08:55:02 PM) shadowsun: Are the unlit #'s being set to black, and if so how would I change them to dark grey?
(08:55:12 PM) shadowsun: in other words, how would I change their color?
(08:55:13 PM) elly: oh, yes, I have 1-28 as well
(08:55:15 PM) elly: and no 0
(08:55:33 PM) shadowsun: -.-
(08:56:02 PM) elly: puzzling
(08:56:10 PM) myshkin: Try ~, and then e (Display feature knowledge).
(08:56:16 PM) myshkin: v will let you edit colors.
(08:56:21 PM) myshkin: You should not have to do this, though.
(08:57:06 PM) myshkin: Oddly, while sshed into a terminal, I am getting solid walls no matter what I do.
(08:57:07 PM) shadowsun: I GOT IT
(08:57:09 PM) shadowsun: It's in font-gcu.prf
(08:57:16 PM) elly: ?
(08:59:15 PM) elly: you shouldn't need to edit font-gcu.prf
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: If I comment out granite walls, I can see them again
(08:59:15 PM) elly: I didn't...
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: which makes no sense, unless that entry is somehow wrong for ARM platforms.
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: Or something.
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: I'd have to dig at the source to figure out more
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: because I'm not even quite sure what the fields are, but apparently it's doing something vt100-ish for some character I don't have.
(08:59:15 PM) shadowsun: and yeah
(08:59:24 PM) shadowsun: How do I get a look cursor that moves freely?
(08:59:41 PM) elly: so like
(08:59:48 PM) elly: in this entry: F:56:all:0x81:0x20
(09:00:01 PM) elly: the last two are attribute and character for drawing the granite wall
(09:00:14 PM) d_m: so i will say that main-gcu does something semi-hacky for solid walls
(09:00:16 PM) elly: so font-gcu.prf will try to use spaces with attr 0x81
(09:00:33 PM) d_m: using a special reverse-video bit in the color
(09:00:45 PM) shadowsun: ...
(09:00:51 PM) shadowsun: that would explain why there's nothing there.
(09:00:52 PM) d_m: pretty sure 0x81 means "reverse video 0x01"
(09:01:07 PM) d_m: so it should be drawing a space, but with A_REVERSE set
(09:01:13 PM) shadowsun: okay
(09:01:25 PM) d_m: so instead of white text on (default/black) background
(09:01:31 PM) d_m: it should be (default/black) text on white background
(09:01:35 PM) d_m: but it's possible that isn't working on your system
(09:01:54 PM) shadowsun: How would I change 81 to be dark grey?
(09:02:09 PM) d_m: what color is dark grey normally?
(09:02:19 PM) ***d_m doesn't have all the colors memorized
(09:02:20 PM) shadowsun: 08?
(09:02:20 PM) myshkin: You should be able to do that in the feature editor I mentioned. There's a color picker.
(09:02:24 PM) d_m: try 0x88 then
(09:02:29 PM) shadowsun: myshkin: I can't pick what is what color tho
(09:02:41 PM) myshkin: Even after you press v?
(09:02:44 PM) d_m: the top bit (0x80) reverses the video, and the reset of the bits determine color
(09:02:58 PM) d_m: *rest of the bits
(09:03:19 PM) elly: on _my_ system, 0x200 is A_REVERSE, not 0x80 :P
(09:03:20 PM) shadowsun: myshkin: It's a vty. It's not like the colors themselves can be changed.
(09:03:35 PM) d_m: elly: i'm not talking about ncurses constants
(09:03:40 PM) d_m: i'm talking about angband colors
(09:03:47 PM) elly: d_m: haha you weren't kidding about the hack in main-gcu though
(09:04:30 PM) myshkin: shadowsun: Oh, so you don't have dark grey as one of the colors there? I'm confused.
(09:04:39 PM) d_m: so yeah, angband is limited to 128 colors (0x00 through 0x7f) since the highest bit is used for signaling the colors be reversed
(09:04:46 PM) shadowsun: myshkin: I do, it's color 8 in the editor, but I can't assign things to be that color
(09:04:49 PM) d_m: this is because angband doesn't have a concept of fg/bg colors
(09:05:08 PM) shadowsun: myshkin: Like I can't say "All granite walls be d. grey"
(09:05:27 PM) shadowsun: d_m: With 0x88 I get nothing, but with 0x84 I get red walls.
(09:05:38 PM) d_m: so 0x08 must be the wrong color then.
(09:05:41 PM) d_m: you can experiment with others
(09:06:05 PM) d_m: e.g. instead of 0x14 you would do 0x94 and so on
(09:06:11 PM) shadowsun: OH.
(09:06:12 PM) elly: * Someone should really check the semantics of "initscr()" O_o
(09:06:51 PM) shadowsun: Okay
(09:07:03 PM) shadowsun: d_m: the character set for granite walls, bieng a space, overrides my # walls
(09:07:29 PM) elly: pass -a
(09:07:44 PM) elly: -a undoes the pref file hack
(09:07:46 PM) shadowsun: elly: I am.
(09:07:53 PM) elly: and it still uses them? wat
(09:08:11 PM) shadowsun: elly: wait. Let me try something
(09:08:24 PM) d_m: angband -mgcu -- -a should work
(09:08:29 PM) shadowsun: yes, it still uses them
(09:08:36 PM) shadowsun: My room walls are #'s
(09:08:43 PM) shadowsun: and lit walls are #
(09:08:43 PM) elly: good
(09:08:45 PM) d_m: yeah it's weirder than that
(09:08:51 PM) d_m: looks like someone broke -a at some point
(09:08:52 PM) shadowsun: but unlit walls are using the entry from the pref file.
(09:08:54 PM) d_m: that definitely used to work
(09:09:12 PM) ***d_m needs to go back over this file with some vigor
(09:09:14 PM) shadowsun: Also, 0x88 is useless on ARM
(09:09:20 PM) shadowsun: well, clarification
(09:09:29 PM) shadowsun: It appears to be useless on Raspberry PI console
(09:09:35 PM) elly: oh no
(09:09:41 PM) shadowsun: since I just get black. 0x89 gives me a light grey.
(09:09:56 PM) d_m: shadowsun: it's possible that 0x80 is the "black" color
(09:10:01 PM) elly: d_m: -a only handles FEAT_WALL_EXTRA and FEAT_PERM_EXTRA
(09:10:02 PM) d_m: err, i mean 0x08
(09:10:07 PM) shadowsun: d_m: mmmm
(09:10:10 PM) shadowsun: lets try
(09:10:17 PM) elly: (as does the font-gcu.prf file)
(09:10:29 PM) d_m: elly: right. so, i know that stuff got changed around after -a was introduced
(09:10:31 PM) elly: so random bits of wall might be missing
(09:10:33 PM) d_m: right.
(09:10:35 PM) elly: and most pertinently
(09:10:37 PM) d_m: i think you're correct about that.
(09:10:40 PM) elly: secret doors will show up as invisible
(09:10:43 PM) elly: instead of wall :P
(09:10:45 PM) shadowsun: yeah, 0x08 is also apparently black
(09:10:52 PM) myshkin: This seems like something that needs to get fixed for 3.5.1. Anyone up for filing a bug?
(09:11:06 PM) elly: I'm surprised I do not experience the secret-door behavior
(09:11:10 PM) shadowsun: myshkin: I have no gui
(09:11:12 PM) d_m: myshkin: i need to wake up in 5:45 to takea  train to NYC, so... i'd rather not right now.
(09:11:18 PM) shadowsun: I can file a bug tomorrow
(09:11:20 PM) d_m: myshkin: but i can probably fix it sometime later if someone else does.
(09:11:20 PM) elly: using gcu in xterm even
(09:11:28 PM) d_m: yeah, it is all fucked up right now.
(09:11:31 PM) shadowsun: I need to be up early so I'm crashing now
(09:11:31 PM) d_m: and should be easy to fix.
(09:11:34 PM) shadowsun: yeah
(09:11:35 PM) myshkin: Fair enough. shadowsun, I wouldn't worry too much about it. One of us will get on it.
(09:11:40 PM) shadowsun: I'll just comment out the entire gcu prefs file
(09:11:43 PM) shadowsun: for now
(09:12:20 PM) myshkin: I'll create a bug and paste the IRC conversation in. I'm not sure I understand everything, though.
(09:12:25 PM) shadowsun: yes awesome
(09:12:25 PM) shadowsun: That makes it look exactly like I wanted.

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