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Need some analysis of mage spells

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Could do with some kind of analysis on 1) the dam/mana ratios of spells 2) the average damage of spells, as each varies with character level. This should then be compared to e.g. warriors throughout the game.

Mana Ball and Magic Missile are the only two mage offensive spells with high dam/mana ratios. "Which is really ironic given that you want resistable spells with high dam/mana ratios, and unresistable spells with lower dam/mana ratios - just from a design point of view." (A.Doull)

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02:32 < Quendus> takkaria: I'd hardly ask you to change it, but the first spell in Raal's Tome seems a bit overpowered
02:34 < Quendus> takkaria: costs only 10 mana to cast and has a good chance to render an enemy ineffectual for several turns while inflicting nonnegligible damage - makes just about everything except gold dragons easy to kill

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See also #533

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Graphs and spreadsheet available at

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There is no individual Resistance spell for Poison or Lightning, except the big Resistance spell. Also there is no Potion of Lightning resistance, nor is there HURT_Lightning, etc. This is odd because in the real world, lightning actually has 4-5 orders of magnitude more energy than even the biggest fireball. I realize that in the Angband universe, Lightning is weaker than than the other elementals, however, it's unbalanced that their is no potion and no restance spell and the rest (I suggest adding a color flavor from that list someone was making or "Noir" (Very Black), for a new potion).

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[0b71f07] (SVN r1831) introduces the mana reduction discussed here:

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