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Pricing anomalies

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Milestone: 3.1.1 beta Keywords: pricing


A full rewrite of obj-power.c needs leaving to a later version, but some things need immediate hackish attention before 3.1.1 ships:

torches of brightness (LITE is much more valuable on light sources - remember that torches get divided by 20 like ammo, so careful not to make lanterns of brightness too expensive)

gloves of combat (aggravate needs to reduce prices by much less, prior to reworking of negative attributes)

stat boosters in general are too cheap, especially CON (+1 STR/DEX is currently rated the same as +1 speed, which is wrong)

(to be continued)

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base AC at 1.5x means that an iron helm [5,+0] sells for more than a cloak [1,+4] (same as [1,+6] in fact). Perhaps a lookup table for base AC would be better (so that high base ACs can be worth more - this would also enable revisiting the weight issue)

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by magnate

Eddie makes a good point that all armour-slot items should have a base power (like lights and jewelry) to reflect the halving of acid damage (which is independent of AC). This will make cloaks a lot more expensive, but otherwise seems sensible.

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[6deb8f9] (SVN r1479). Added big power boost for TR2_LITE on light sources. Increased the power for STR and CON by 50%, and for speed (yet again). Added base power for armour items per Eddie's suggestion. Removed power ratings for negative attributes pending the reworking of curses. I decided not to change base AC power - IMO base AC is broken and needs completely overhauling - if I get Takkaria's permission I will do this after the next release.

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