22:27 Ticket #2154 (Datafile comments misleading) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 777a5a7b0


04:56 Ticket #2185 (Unique coming back to life?) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=141990&postcount=141


17:00 Ticket #2184 (Stealing from mimics) created by nckmccnnll
"Playing 4.2.0-29-g200c7be7b. By old habit I pressed 's' next to a chest …
16:59 Ticket #2183 (Labyrinth with no down staircase) created by nckmccnnll
"I found myself in a maze on dLvl 13 without a staircase leading down. …
16:56 Ticket #2182 (Shatter attacks crushing too often?) created by nckmccnnll
"I've been getting severly crushed more regularly and in odd …


20:22 Ticket #2181 (Improve documentation) created by nckmccnnll
In docs, docs/hacking and src/doc


17:31 Ticket #2180 (Code errors from PowerWyrm (4.2.0 edition)) created by nckmccnnll
Several, as usual :) First one: …
17:27 Ticket #2179 (Patches from backwardsEric) created by nckmccnnll
Several submitted; I will link them here: …
17:25 Ticket #2178 (Quiver problems) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=141377&postcount=50
02:07 Ticket #2177 (Chests always summon uniques) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=141953&postcount=1
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