18:55 Ticket #58 (Revert the panel change behavior to 3.0.5 behaviour.) closed by takkaria
18:29 Ticket #67 (Throwing potions should cause the potions effect on the target) created by takkaria
This can probably wait until we have a better way of describing effects …
18:28 Ticket #66 ("Panic saves" shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles) created by takkaria
The RISC OS code supports this, and so did Pern/ToME. Shouldn't be hard …
18:28 Ticket #65 (Split up source files more, make names meaningful) created by takkaria
For starters: * macro+keymap stuff -> cmd0.c -> cmds.c * mon-info …
18:26 Ticket #64 (Add reference counting for inscriptions) created by takkaria
18:24 Ticket #63 (Add support for automatically numbering characters ("Rocky IV")) created by takkaria
13:13 Ticket #7 (Import the UnAngband knowledge screens) closed by pmac
fixed: This is done, with one minor bug.
13:08 Ticket #4 (Create ui.c and z-file.c) closed by pmac
fixed: It's all done now.
07:05 Ticket #62 (Game should be fully dual-licenced) created by takkaria
Only thing holding us back is main-win and main-x11.


10:37 Ticket #3 (Remove script.c) closed by takkaria
fixed: Removed with change [61f7574] (SVN r7).


21:02 Ticket #2 (Ease makefiles proliferation) closed by takkaria
fixed: Closed with [14a3670] (SVN r3).
17:18 Ticket #61 (Improve autotools support (use OMK)) created by takkaria
Aerdan is working on the patch for this. Also check Hallvard Furuseth's …
17:11 Ticket #1 (SVN should contain the same stuff as the source archive) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [c903bab] (SVN r1), [88b5cae] (SVN r2)
16:28 Ticket #60 (Simplify the code for timed player effects) created by takkaria
xtra2.c contains too much repeated code, so unify it as much as possible. …
13:20 Ticket #59 (angband.rogueforge.net needs a homepage) created by pmac
Currently angband.rogueforge.net returns a …
10:23 Ticket #58 (Revert the panel change behavior to 3.0.5 behaviour.) created by takkaria
3.0.6+ behaviour has problems with running and panel change so that you …


22:52 Ticket #57 (Do spells with edit files (like UnAngband)) created by pmac
There are a small number of genuinely diffent spell types. It would be …
13:48 Ticket #56 (Make squelch simpler and cleaner) created by takkaria
Basically, simplify a lot so it's no longer confusing, and make it work …
13:46 Ticket #55 (Introduce unit testing) created by takkaria
Yeah, this is probably a pipedream. There should be a milestone "far far …
11:49 Ticket #54 (Sangband-style object handling) created by takkaria
Being worked on by Leon. Majority of work done in [cfb08ec] (SVN r110).
11:42 Ticket #53 (Allow keyset-agnostic keymaps) created by takkaria
Depends on new menu stuff, #5. e.g. Being able to specify "eat item 1" in …
11:37 Ticket #52 (Simplify (at least condense) obscure options) created by takkaria
Matthias Kurzke: "If you want to unify keys, the first thing could be to …
11:35 Ticket #51 (Universal use command) created by takkaria
Unsure how the future of this one will pan out with the new command and …
11:33 Ticket #50 (Fix level feelings) created by takkaria
Currently level feelings are bad. - Artifacts currently give a rating …
11:30 Ticket #49 (Fix object pricing) created by takkaria
Current info: http://ajps.mine.nu/angband/wiki/ObjectPricing. It might …
11:30 Ticket #48 (Fix randarts) created by takkaria
To fix: import and update CC+CG's patch …
11:25 Ticket #47 (Audit memory code) created by takkaria
* make sure that all error-checking is done in z-virt * add realloc hook …
11:21 Ticket #46 (Create missing directories on startup) created by takkaria
If we can, and if they're missing. This will require portable "create …
11:20 Ticket #45 (Minimise usage of standard string functions) created by takkaria
To fix: 1. grep for sprintf(), strcat(), strcpy(), strncpy(), etc 2. …
11:19 Ticket #44 (Change rand_int() to randint0(); randint() to randint1()) created by takkaria
ZAngband did this, it makes the code clearer.
11:17 Ticket #43 (Move random name lists into an external file) created by takkaria
11:16 Ticket #42 (Make all terminal access/printing functions use (y, x) co-ordinates) created by takkaria
11:14 Ticket #41 (Make item destruction always take 0 time) created by takkaria
This balances out squelch and non-squelch destruction.
11:11 Ticket #40 (Add autopackage files for Linux) created by takkaria
To make building and installing easier for Linux people, put together an …
11:10 Ticket #39 (Bring back player ghosts) created by takkaria
Would be a nice feature to have for a release like 3.1.
11:06 Ticket #38 (Import UIAngband's wizard mode screen editor) created by takkaria
It's useful for when designing new UI. I have the code around somewhere; …
11:01 Ticket #37 (Split up externs.h into other headers, to allow less recompiling) created by takkaria
Not quite sure of the specifics yet, but recompiling everything because of …
10:55 Ticket #36 (Use a better random name generator) created by takkaria
It should replace the randart and scroll name generators, and also allow …
10:54 Ticket #35 (Allow selection of character hair/eye colour and character background) created by takkaria
Just for fun, really, but some people will like it.
10:53 Ticket #34 (Add the quiver) created by takkaria
There's no real argument against it and it makes life much easier for just …
10:53 Ticket #33 (Flasks of oil and torches should have firebrand) created by takkaria
It's obvious, really, isn't it?
10:52 Ticket #32 (Replace the current autoroller with Antiband/Zangband's) created by takkaria
The current one is basically inefficient and scummy. RML wrote a new one, …
10:50 Ticket #31 (Add a "start kit" option (a la Ey)) created by takkaria
This uses up all your original gold but gives you a decent starting kit. …
10:48 Ticket #30 (Write/import new savefile code) created by takkaria
At the top of save.c, there was once a comment about moving to a …
10:40 Ticket #29 (Store gold that monsters steal in their inventory) created by takkaria
It's wrong to have monsters steal things and you not be able to get such …
10:38 Ticket #28 (Add the quickstart patch) created by takkaria
Stolen from Ey. Saves starting character info in the savefile so you can …
10:36 Ticket #27 (Cut down and rearrange options) created by takkaria
Turn some permanently on or off, rearrange. See …
10:34 Ticket #26 (Display weapon damage when 'I'nspecting weapons) created by takkaria
Ey first did this, and it should have been imported long ago. May be …
10:32 Ticket #25 (Add "always_show_list" option) created by takkaria
Hengband first did this, and Leon Marrick put together a patch which …
10:31 Ticket #24 (Auto-wield birth items) created by takkaria
Many variants do this, and is a worthwhile import. Preferably suppress …
10:29 Ticket #23 (256 colour support) created by takkaria
Having more colours is probably useful, but we have to be careful to keep …
10:27 Ticket #22 (Turn next_xp option on permanently) created by takkaria
Showing normal XP on the main screen is not useful in the slightest, so …
10:27 Ticket #21 (Add NPP "path to target" feature) created by takkaria
This displays a line when targetting which indicates where the …
10:25 Ticket #20 (SDL frontend) created by takkaria
Will need mouse, graphics, and arrowkey support. Will replace DOS and IBM …
10:23 Ticket #19 (Add trap detection indicator) created by takkaria
Patch available: …
10:22 Ticket #18 (Fix magic mapping and detection) created by takkaria
Make both circular.


08:05 Ticket #17 (Add mouse support) created by takkaria
Incoporate the mouse patch: …
08:02 Ticket #16 (Create proper website) created by takkaria
07:59 Ticket #15 (Move windows-specific files to win/ subdirectory) created by takkaria
i.e. readdib.h, .c.


21:24 WikiStart edited by takkaria
21:00 Ticket #14 (Add "tutorial mode") created by takkaria
This is part of the bug #11, changing the help system. Ben Harrison's …
20:59 Ticket #13 (Replace current "interactive" help with context help) created by takkaria
This is part of the bug #11, changing the help system. The format of the …
20:57 Ticket #12 (Distribute helpfiles as HTML, PDF) created by takkaria
This is part of the bug #11, changing the help system. Wiki version: …
20:53 Ticket #11 (Help changes) created by takkaria
Tracking bug. See also http://ajps.mine.nu/angband/wiki/Help. …
20:51 Ticket #10 (Notes patch) created by takkaria
Add notes support to the game. To fix: 1. Have a working notes patch, …
20:50 Ticket #9 (Import Hengband's command menu) created by takkaria
May depend on #5. Hengband has a nice command menu thing, entered by …
20:48 Ticket #8 (Find-as-you-type monster recall) created by takkaria
Depends on #7. For graphical users who don't ever see 't's or 'r's: you'd …
20:46 Ticket #7 (Import the UnAngband knowledge screens) created by takkaria
Pete Mack has worked quite a lot on the knowledge screens in UnAngband?, …
20:43 Ticket #6 (Incorporate takkaria's new store code) created by takkaria
Basically, I have some new store code which rationalises the current code …
20:40 Ticket #5 (Unify in-game menus as far as possible) created by takkaria
Pete Mack and Nick McConnell? are working on this. To fix: 1. Create a …
20:38 Ticket #4 (Create ui.c and z-file.c) created by takkaria
To fix: 1. Split UI functions to a new ui.c. 2. Split file handling from …
20:36 Ticket #3 (Remove script.c) created by takkaria
20:34 Ticket #2 (Ease makefiles proliferation) created by takkaria
There is makefile proliferation, which is hard to manage -- removing or …
20:27 Ticket #1 (SVN should contain the same stuff as the source archive) created by takkaria
RR9 had various build scripts and things he used in SVN, and I have a …


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