09:26 Ticket #152 (Common approach to monster/object recall) created by takkaria
Currently, object and monster recall use some of the same methods, but not …
09:20 Ticket #151 ("Purchase how many (you have 12)? " in stores) created by takkaria
When purchasing items from stores, display how many of that item you …
09:18 Ticket #150 (In-game savefile selector (a la ToME)) created by takkaria
For GCU/X11/SDL. Note that we don't want to actually import the ToME …
09:17 Ticket #149 (Add item histories (from Ey; "found on xxx", "dropped by xxx")) created by takkaria
09:15 Ticket #148 (Fix the fonts) created by takkaria
On the new fonts: They don't all necessarily have the right special …
09:13 Ticket #147 (Fix the "vinfo_type" hack in cave.c) created by takkaria
From Robert's todolist. I have yet to look into this.
09:09 Ticket #146 (Using "show_piles" in graphics mode should use a tile, not the ampersand.) created by takkaria
Currently blocked on not having an appropriate tiles in: old, nomad, adam …
09:09 Ticket #145 (Move m4/ contents into aclocal.ac) created by takkaria
Directory proliferation is one thing we don't need.
09:08 Ticket #144 (Add main-qt.c) created by takkaria
i.e. a cross-platform Qt port. If this was good enough, it could easily …
09:07 Ticket #142 (Windows font handling bug) created by takkaria
When moving the game directory between runs of the game, the fonts stop …
09:04 Ticket #141 (Remove hardcoded values for p_ptr->noscore) created by takkaria
09:03 Ticket #140 (Externalise store stocking lists) created by takkaria
09:00 Ticket #139 (Command handling code is hard to grok) created by takkaria
* Always use the same type for command handling (u16b, probably). * …
08:56 Ticket #138 (Game should be re-entrant) created by takkaria
You should be able to save/load/create new characters without restarting.
08:55 Ticket #137 (File handling cleanup) created by takkaria
Main priority here is to design a single API for file access, and behind …
08:39 Ticket #110 (Slim down number of ports further) closed by takkaria
duplicate: main-xaw can be nuked as part of GPL compliance. See #62.
08:34 Ticket #136 (Make Windows use libpng) created by takkaria
We need to integrate the libpng loader & libpng itself. Code available on …
08:24 Ticket #125 (No prompt to destroy known worthless items) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Replying to timo.pietila@helsinki.fi: > Make sure this doesn't …


19:31 Ticket #27 (Cut down and rearrange options) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [1fde937] (SVN r152).
18:06 Ticket #27 (Cut down and rearrange options) reopened by takkaria


15:31 Ticket #135 (Don't use C reserved identifiers) created by takkaria
15:21 Ticket #134 (Comply with the FHS for multi-user installations) created by takkaria
http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html Involves moving lib/data/ …
15:20 Ticket #133 (Delete .keep files, use delete.me instead) created by takkaria
see [78b545b] (SVN r162).
14:57 Ticket #132 (Release checklist) created by takkaria
This is designed to be a re-assignable bug. After one release, assign it …
14:47 Ticket #131 (Code documentation solution) created by takkaria
Angband code needs to be better-documented. Examine possibilities for …
14:45 Ticket #130 (Project admin) created by takkaria
We need these for post-3.0.8: * Dynamic source code search for latest dev …


12:34 Ticket #129 (Angband 3.0.7s3 code cleanup.) created by CNyfalt
I suppose I must use this when there's no maintainer e-mail. Here's my …


07:26 Ticket #127 ('5' key no longer works) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [c562abb] (SVN r142)


19:43 Ticket #128 (Menu bugs) created by takkaria
Fixed: * Options submenus should use a, b, c etc. * Macro menu doesn't …
19:41 Ticket #127 ('5' key no longer works) created by takkaria
Unsure when this happened.
19:33 Ticket #126 (Change amnesia into a timed effect) created by takkaria
That prevents you browsing spellbooks/activating artifacts.
19:27 Ticket #122 (Incorporate SDL sound patch sensibly) closed by takkaria
fixed: Pretty much rewritten in [fed3319] (SVN r141). Closed.
05:03 Ticket #87 (Prompt for overwriting an existing savefile) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed by [f17dc9e] (SVN r135).
04:49 Ticket #54 (Sangband-style object handling) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [91e7f6a] (SVN r137).
03:19 Ticket #9 (Import Hengband's command menu) closed by takkaria
fixed: Initial patch in [f11fe54] (SVN r134). Further improvement may or may not …


12:08 Ticket #125 (No prompt to destroy known worthless items) created by takkaria
At the moment, this can be really annoying, esp. with potions. Ideally …
12:01 Ticket #124 (Update documentation) created by takkaria
Given that we're not switching manual for this release, we still need to …


11:26 Ticket #91 (Store bugs) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [73e1e27] (SVN r133).
10:37 Ticket #117 (Integrate autoroller menu better for 3.0.8) closed by takkaria
09:39 Ticket #116 (Add monster list display on main term using '[') closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [c4103e1] (SVN r130).
08:15 Ticket #122 (Incorporate SDL sound patch sensibly) created by takkaria
http://people.smartchat.net.au/~caboo/angband/v3_0_7s.html Need to …
08:09 Ticket #121 (Inventory listings should respond to the term size they are in) created by takkaria
Bigger screens: * print the longest object description possible * don't …
07:41 Ticket #120 (Move object flags back to object_type) created by takkaria


20:55 Ticket #20 (SDL frontend) closed by takkaria
20:18 Ticket #95 (Create a cross-platform API for directory scanning) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed with [77ebce9] (SVN r127).


14:17 Ticket #69 (Unify Makefile.dos, Makefile.ibm, and Makefile.con) closed by ajps
wontfix: DOS and IBM ports are to be deprecated in favour of the SDL port.
14:14 Ticket #82 (Write Angband coding guidelines) closed by ajps
fixed: See http://ajps.mine.nu/angband/wiki/CodingGuidelines


18:49 Ticket #119 (Flicker of a direction prompt from 3.0.5) created by martinbazley
A new misfeature in 3.0.7s3 appears to be the brief flicker of a direction …
18:40 Ticket #118 (Picking up money results in garbled messages) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed by [9a58970] (SVN r124).
18:17 Ticket #118 (Picking up money results in garbled messages) created by takkaria
Where the money type should be (e.g. gold) in a pickup message, instead …
12:00 Ticket #36 (Use a better random name generator) closed by ajps
11:48 Ticket #117 (Integrate autoroller menu better for 3.0.8) created by takkaria
Even though the autorolling and point-based options will disappear …
11:46 Ticket #103 (Have a DOS/IBM port available) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Forget DOS/IBM; SDL should be fine for people who liked those now.
11:33 Ticket #116 (Add monster list display on main term using '[') created by takkaria


22:15 Ticket #114 (count of items found in monster drops is broken by r110) closed by pmac
worksforme: Can't reproduce this right now, but it was certainly not a result of …


18:25 Ticket #115 (Movement by mouse doesn't work very well.) created by pmac
All of the following apply for uniluminated, unvisited grid points. * …
00:32 Ticket #114 (count of items found in monster drops is broken by r110) created by pmac
"Stacks" of 1 arrow are getting generated from monster drops. (Initial …
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