13:42 Ticket #409 (Infinite glyphs of warding when reading from floor) created by anonymous
This happens at least when the pack is full, and maybe otherwise. Observed …


13:56 Ticket #408 (Small ID bug) created by Big Al
When you read an unidentified scroll, and it turns out to be a scroll of …
12:08 Ticket #407 (Messages when not sensing anything?) created by Big Al
When you cast a spell of detect {stairs, evil, traps, monsters, etc} and …
02:55 Ticket #406 (Indestructible pseudoid endows later items with heavy pseudoid) created by "Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd" <zaimoni@…>
dungeon.c's sense_inventory doesn't reset the heavy psuedoid bool after …


21:03 Ticket #405 (Fix the pesky "overwrite existing savefile?" prompt so it doesn't appear ...) created by shanoah
Any time you start a new character in svn(current revision [d147726] (SVN …


22:47 Ticket #404 (crash when squelching floor object) created by ChodTheWacko
Go to the rod in front of the magic store, and attempt to squelch it via: …
22:17 Ticket #403 (Phial's description is wrong) created by ChodTheWacko
object Inspection says: When activated, it ! (empty *desc) field in …


05:32 Ticket #402 (svn missing file wizard.h) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [8bcc3ed] (SVN r605).
05:31 Ticket #335 (SDL port can't find font files when installed globally) closed by takkaria
fixed: Thanks for that. Closing.


07:17 Ticket #402 (svn missing file wizard.h) created by anonymous
Revision 595 changed cmd0.c and wizard.c to include the wizard.h file, but …


02:44 Ticket #401 (Gondolin's light description is wrong) created by ChodTheWacko
With the new short description, Gondolin's desc is wrong, it just says: …
01:54 Ticket #400 (Make graphics less hardcoded) created by shanoah
Currently, there are several places where case statements are used to …
01:42 Ticket #337 (GTK port shows no animations) closed by shanoah
fixed: Fixed as of revision [6603c09] (SVN r560).
00:35 Ticket #392 (Savefile crashes GTK port) closed by shanoah
worksforme: Though I understand there is a Windows port of Gtk, no, not at the present …
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