07:35 Ticket #435 ("Conducts" system) created by takkaria
Track player's behaviour and save it in the savefile and character dump. …
07:33 Ticket #332 (Target no longer clears when targeted monster dies) closed by takkaria
07:33 Ticket #333 (Fixes for window positions in main-x11) closed by takkaria
07:19 Ticket #434 (Rearrange stores) created by takkaria
Move to a new model of stores: - stock items in bulk in infinite-sized …
07:12 Ticket #433 (Remove individual-shopkeeper and race-based discrimination from the store ...) created by takkaria
Not in any attempt to be PC, but just because it's so hard to actually …


20:10 Ticket #432 (Negative gold when buying from store) created by takkaria
05:05 Ticket #431 ([CLOSE] Uniques keep on coming back) created by takkaria
Apparently in the latest nightlies, uniques can be killed multiple times. …
04:59 Ticket #429 (Unused flags in defines.h) closed by takkaria
fixed: See [1c19a1a] (SVN r656) for the first part; some of those flags are still …
04:44 Ticket #430 (Rewrite object_desc() in a clean, safe, sane manner) closed by takkaria
fixed: closed by [110d553] (SVN r653) + [de99311] (SVN r654)
04:22 Ticket #430 (Rewrite object_desc() in a clean, safe, sane manner) created by takkaria
The current function is pretty terrible from a maintenance POV, so rewrite …


15:54 Ticket #429 (Unused flags in defines.h) created by Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd <zaimoni@…>
1) the MDESC_ family of flags is completely unused in the *.c files; looks …


22:55 Ticket #428 (Sort out torch behaviour) created by takkaria
See forum thread http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=472, esp. …


11:11 Ticket #427 (When screen is above a certain length, text is limited to 15 characters) created by ballenj@…
Windows XP Professional, SP2, Nvidia GeForce? 8500GT at 2560x1024 Just …


21:26 Ticket #426 (Make traps more interesting) created by takkaria
See the ongoing thread at …


01:42 Ticket #425 (Full mouse support in character creation) created by shanoah
In character creation, you currently can use the mouse to choose race, …


16:16 Ticket #424 (Reorder Monster List) created by Big Al
It would be nice if the 'display monster list' (which lists all the …
15:57 Ticket #423 (Bigscreen support for self-knowledge screen) created by Big Al
The self knowledge screen is still limited to the default size of 23 or so …


21:03 Ticket #422 (The new dungeon code seems to have broken the connected stair code) created by ChodTheWacko
Just an FYI


14:30 Ticket #421 (z-tests.h missing) created by ekolis
z-tests.h is missing from subversion. It is included in a few other source …
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