20:02 Ticket #514 (Carry across autoconfigure fix) created by takkaria
19:59 Ticket #338 (Mac OS X Open Dialogbox) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [6a168bf] (SVN r778).
19:59 Ticket #381 (OS X: Player open dialog cannot be targetted by keyboard) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [6a168bf] (SVN r778).
19:56 Ticket #487 (OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [a320bbf] (SVN r777).
19:44 Ticket #507 (./configure doesn't seem to detect the lack of ncurses development ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [2e474f7] (SVN r776).
19:01 Ticket #270 (No transparency for items/player/monsters) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [d02785b] (SVN r767).
17:34 Ticket #513 (Allow platform ports to provide a native save-box for character dumps.) created by takkaria
17:29 Ticket #512 (Make browsing the knowledge screen easier) created by Big Al <Big Al>
With the new menus in 3.0.9 in the knowledge screens, there's no way to …
17:15 Ticket #511 (OS X: Problem "Hiding" Angband) created by Big Al <Big Al>
When you hide angband (via menu or typing cmd-H) and reopen it, all the …
16:22 Ticket #495 (Not all effects are handled) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [510891e] (SVN r763), [403fe08] (SVN r752), and [16f1d78] (SVN …
16:17 Ticket #504 (Compiler warnings (MacOS, r754)) closed by takkaria
fixed: I'm pretty sure all of these have been fixed now, except EF_PROBE, which …
16:07 Ticket #422 (The new dungeon code seems to have broken the connected stair code) closed by GabeCunningham
14:05 Ticket #510 (Monsters shouldn't be able to drop items branded against them.) created by takkaria
The idea that monsters can't pick up items which are branded against them …
14:04 Ticket #509 (Make "detect magic" a useful spell) created by takkaria
Eddie suggests pseudo-IDing everything in LOS would be a good way to go …


17:33 Ticket #508 (MacOS: main-x11.c uses #define rather than typedef to define uint) created by roustk@…
Line 97 of [533b839] (SVN r755) main-x11.c: […] On MacOS 10.5.2 (at …


17:16 Ticket #407 (Messages when not sensing anything?) closed by GabeCunningham
15:41 Ticket #507 (./configure doesn't seem to detect the lack of ncurses development ...) created by takkaria
Found this on the forum; see …
13:53 Ticket #506 (MacOS: Keep SVN Angband from interfering with other versions) created by roustk@…
When I compiled a new version of Angband from SVN last night, I found that …
00:32 Ticket #505 (OS X: Beachball crash for r754 opening v3.0.9 savefile with randarts) created by roustk@…
Simple sequence which reliably crashes [7f01f7f] (SVN r754) under MacOS …


23:37 Ticket #504 (Compiler warnings (MacOS, r754)) created by roustk@…
Compiler warnings for [7f01f7f] (SVN r754) (under MacOS 10.5.2): 01) …
16:06 Ticket #395 (buying cure serious wounds doen't indicate how many you have) closed by GabeCunningham


18:56 Ticket #401 (Gondolin's light description is wrong) closed by GabeCunningham
18:49 Ticket #499 (Many wrong effect descriptions) closed by GabeCunningham
18:29 Ticket #459 (Potions of Brawn sometimes have bad description, lower strength) closed by GabeCunningham
18:24 Ticket #424 (Reorder Monster List) closed by GabeCunningham
18:21 Ticket #360 (Pickup issue with full inventory and no light) closed by GabeCunningham
13:31 Ticket #503 (Resuscitate screen dumps from within stores) created by Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd <zaimoni@…>
Strictly, this is for V3.0.9a, but as the problem appears to be the new …


19:06 Ticket #502 (Using the new flavours proposed on the forum?) created by anonymous
It might be a nice idea to use the new flavours proposed by James Doyle at …


08:56 Ticket #501 (Add method of death to the character dump.) created by CunningGabe
Evidently NPP and FA do this already. …


22:37 Ticket #500 (Some of the help files have CR+LF and some have only LF) created by Big Al <Big Al>
I know that the help files will be getting revamped soon, but for now, …


19:32 Ticket #499 (Many wrong effect descriptions) created by CunningGabe
I think something happened with the splitting out into list-effects or the …
15:49 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) created by CunningGabe
My unmodified strength is currently 18/134 and dex is 18/67. I'm currently …
15:34 Ticket #497 (store.c: buy with g/p broken in roguelike keyset) created by roustk@…
Problem lies at 2615 in store.c. The roguelike side of the switch was not …


23:59 Ticket #440 (Add a potion of resist poison?) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [5e92478] (SVN r732) & [ce7285f] (SVN r733).
23:45 Ticket #446 ((?) Add Scroll of Charge Mastery) closed by takkaria
wontfix: This was an idea but I think a better one is just to make x uses of a sval …
23:44 Ticket #496 (Awareness of wand/staff kind should give info about # of charges) created by takkaria
Fairly easy to fix, this one; just add F:EASY_KNOW to all the wands and …
23:43 Ticket #495 (Not all effects are handled) created by takkaria
23:41 Ticket #492 (!*!*!* only prompts once on an inscription) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed, quite elegantly, in [467e335] (SVN r729).
23:09 Ticket #490 (!CCW too rare) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [c91477c] (SVN r727).
22:58 Ticket #411 (./angband -s no longer displays highscores) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [47bf01e] (SVN r726) by just not mentioning that this ever …
18:06 Ticket #494 (Some typos) created by CunningGabe
* When examining some {magical} ammo, the description reads in part: "You …
08:32 Ticket #423 (Bigscreen support for self-knowledge screen) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [ab470b3] (SVN r725). Thanks!
05:40 Ticket #438 (Using 'K' on a floor item tries to drop it anyway, resulting in (nothing)s) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [e6196ca] (SVN r724).
05:23 Ticket #410 (Period missing after charging rod message) closed by takkaria
fixed: You can't zap uncharged rods anymore, so this bug in a weird …
05:21 Ticket #403 (Phial's description is wrong) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [3a2c422] (SVN r723). Thanks for the report!
05:12 Ticket #408 (Small ID bug) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [b4a14a1] (SVN r721). Thanks for the report!
04:38 Ticket #460 (CLW etc description misleading) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [05f4215] (SVN r718). Thanks!
04:35 Ticket #450 (Level feelings broken) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [9367195] (SVN r717).
04:27 Ticket #453 (Normal hard studded leather pseudo-ids as {magical}) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [9ca48ed] (SVN r710), as per your patch. Thanks!
04:25 Ticket #361 ('K' key doesn't drop things with squelch) closed by takkaria
fixed: This was fixed a while ago.
04:21 Ticket #344 (p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item()) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fix in [5357a17] (SVN r715). If you have any further problems, please …
04:18 Ticket #344 (p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item()) reopened by takkaria
My bad. I initially thought this was a good thing, turns out it's not. …


12:53 Ticket #493 (Windows port doesn't save when computer shut down) created by takkaria


02:38 Ticket #492 (!*!*!* only prompts once on an inscription) created by takkaria
02:32 Ticket #491 (Inventory should be the default display when selling or dropping ...) created by takkaria
02:31 Ticket #490 (!CCW too rare) created by takkaria
02:29 Ticket #489 (DTrap status indicator should be a more visible colour than dark green) created by takkaria
01:28 Ticket #488 (Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful) created by takkaria
At the moment these effects can be painfully useless. Suggestions: * Up …
01:09 Ticket #439 (Armour with negative to-hit gets classed as "magical") closed by takkaria
duplicate: dup of #453.
00:41 Ticket #487 (OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug) created by Big Al <Big Al>
Here's what I did (in the latest build of angband for Mac OS X): 1. I …


20:05 Ticket #486 (Stop Enter in shops buying items) created by takkaria
This prevents accidental multiple-buy problems.
11:15 Ticket #485 (Add new curses: pval-flipping curse) created by takkaria
11:14 Ticket #484 (Add new curses: cannot-drop curse) created by takkaria
11:10 Ticket #483 (Factor out the device failure rate calculation into a seperate function ...) created by takkaria
This allows "It fails 6 times out of 10" in object descriptions, a la …


02:26 Ticket #481 (Char History Screen Incorrect Starting Turn) created by Big Al
On the Character History Screen, in the very first entry in the list …
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