18:28 Ticket #642 (Rewrite scorefile code.) created by takkaria
Current code is unreliable and buggy.
03:45 Ticket #641 (Morgoth arts messed up) created by takkaria
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=10296&postcount=5 (fixed) …
03:43 Ticket #640 (Fixed flavour k_idxs messed up) created by takkaria
The "fixed" potions and rings still exist, but with the old k_idx. This …
03:42 Ticket #639 (Social status is not reset properly after death) created by takkaria
03:42 Ticket #638 (Stair generation still somewhat broken) created by takkaria
Sometimes a stairs down appears on dl 99 before Sauron is dead.
03:41 Ticket #637 (Summoning sometimes "banishes" (deletes) the summoner) created by takkaria
03:40 Ticket #636 (.ini file reading/writing on Windows is extremely inefficient) created by takkaria
03:39 Ticket #635 (Angband on Windows startup speed is bad after many restarts) created by takkaria
This is a font resource problem, apparently.
03:12 Ticket #590 (Dragon scale mails' activation times are truncated) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [c27ce0d] (SVN r1002).
03:07 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [b09ee71] (SVN r1000).
01:23 Ticket #451 (Message window doesn't update when buying in store) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [89ab5c4] (SVN r995).
01:18 Ticket #444 (Store selling ignores warning inscriptions) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [a308317] (SVN r994).


16:05 Ticket #624 (Fear problems.) reopened by Big Al
This still seems to be broken - I've seen times when it says Afraid in the …


19:19 Ticket #634 (Light breathers should light up the room) created by Big Al
Light hounds (and other light breathers - Pseudo-dragon, Ethereal drake, …


16:56 Ticket #622 (Un-identified Item's Special Powers are visible in Your Home.) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [96a03db] (SVN r991).
14:57 Ticket #624 (Fear problems.) closed by takkaria
fixed: Should be fixed by [e5ddfe9] (SVN r990).
14:44 Ticket #621 (Mushrooms of resist confusion are not obvious) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [3cc277d] (SVN r989).
14:44 Ticket #633 (Mushrooms of Clear Mind don't get IDed) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [3cc277d] (SVN r989).


19:40 Ticket #633 (Mushrooms of Clear Mind don't get IDed) created by Big Al
I ate a mushroom of clear mind, and it tells me that "my mind clears" and …


08:35 Ticket #632 (Detect Enchantment should be more consistent) created by anonymous
Detect Enchantment should detect cursed/broken items of any kind: those …


05:53 Ticket #631 (Incoherent behavior when enchanting/disenchanting items) created by anonymous
Here's the current behavior: * Enchanting to-hit/to-dam: * weapon/bow: …
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