01:20 Ticket #838 (isolated initial room) created by anonymous
This is an old bug, and presumably well known, but just in case someone …


09:02 Ticket #837 (Give a meaning to object colors) created by fph
Object colors should be given some "in-game" meaning instead of simply …


09:41 Ticket #836 (General Comments) closed by takkaria
invalid: Yeah, please don't post long rants like this one here. I appreciate the …


22:14 Ticket #836 (General Comments) created by Spacebux
I've not played angband since an early revision of 3.0.9. Having come …


17:16 Ticket #835 (Ensure that autoconf makefiles are strict about C89) created by magnate
At the moment the usual ./configure make sequence is failing to …


16:05 Ticket #834 (Truncate pricing.log (to zero length) at startup) closed by magnate
fixed: [f6a9f7e] (SVN r1373)


15:29 Ticket #818 (Revise definition and operation of cache in slay_power()) closed by magnate
fixed: Cache fixed in [75cb81e] (SVN r1371). Can always reopen if feedback …
07:32 Ticket #343 (Autosave feature) closed by ajps
fixed: Added in [4609919] (SVN r1370). I chose not to make it an option and not …


17:19 Ticket #834 (Truncate pricing.log (to zero length) at startup) created by magnate
Using mode APPEND for pricing.log is desirable, but to prevent the file …
16:46 Ticket #682 (Remove autoroller) closed by ajps
fixed: Following the changes in [294f67d] (SVN r1364) the autoroller is …
02:21 Ticket #833 ((r1362) Random Artifact Names on Standard Artifacts) created by anonymous
When character save file is reused to maintain monster memory with …


19:30 Ticket #832 (Morgoth crash) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1735


02:41 Ticket #831 (Rewrite or remove self_knowledge()) created by magnate
Per discussion on #angband-dev. The self_knowledge() function is currently …
02:39 Ticket #664 (refactor get_brand_mult() & pseudo-by-use in attack.c) closed by magnate
fixed: Ok, closing because of [65a9167] (SVN r1355). I'll open a new ticket for …


16:38 Ticket #789 (Add learn-resists-by-use code) closed by takkaria
fixed: [9753e4f] (SVN r1353)
14:42 Ticket #751 (Pseudo level {strange} does not work fully — Longbow of the Nagzul pseudos ...) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Nagzul bows are now just {excellent}. ID-by-use should mitigate, so …
14:09 Ticket #787 (Allow arrows slays to be learnt on shoot) closed by takkaria
fixed: [a503828] (SVN r1351)
12:03 Ticket #790 (Learn item flags by use) closed by takkaria
fixed: [d257ca9] (SVN r1348)
10:29 Ticket #830 (Object knowledge menu crashes) created by takkaria


19:39 Ticket #809 (Use arrays instead of separate variables for object flags) closed by takkaria
fixed: r1338, r1339, r1340, [70dab07] (SVN r1341) accomplish this.
18:40 Ticket #829 (809-branch: Remove waste in init1.c) created by takkaria
When flags are stored as arrays, a lot of duplicate code in init1.c can …
18:19 Ticket #634 (Light breathers should light up the room) closed by takkaria
invalid: Well, in that case…
18:16 Ticket #828 (Make to-hit formula more intuitive) created by takkaria
See the thread at http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1671
14:56 Ticket #655 (Priests are now horribly unfair. {Psuedo-ID}) closed by takkaria
wontfix: priests now have the same pre-id methods as everyone else-- you wield …
14:18 Ticket #699 (New pseudo and squelch do not fit well together) closed by takkaria
fixed: [d8a810b] (SVN r1336)


13:33 Ticket #827 (Add power term for multiple resists) closed by magnate
fixed: [e4ce20b] (SVN r1333)
13:32 Ticket #826 (Add power term for object activations) closed by magnate
fixed: [81d8f6a] (SVN r1330)
05:40 Ticket #823 (Include brands on rings in various places) closed by magnate
fixed: [3d9d21e] (SVN r1327) and [0150f5e] (SVN r1328)
05:02 Ticket #827 (Add power term for multiple resists) created by magnate
Another long-discussed improvement to the object power code


17:53 Ticket #826 (Add power term for object activations) created by magnate
I've had this half-done for weeks. If I make a ticket for it I might …
16:09 Ticket #825 (make clean no longer recurses) closed by takkaria
fixed: [98c825e] (SVN r1323)
15:41 Ticket #821 (Easy Know Missing) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [9742b11] (SVN r1104)
15:39 Ticket #345 (Review item recall) closed by takkaria
fixed: [a755c80] (SVN r1322)
06:40 Ticket #784 (Squelch settings should not be saved with other settings) closed by takkaria
fixed: [635e36c] (SVN r1320)
05:42 Ticket #557 (autosquelch squelches 'good' cursed items) closed by takkaria
fixed: [d299453] (SVN r1317)
05:15 Ticket #745 (monster group movement bug(s)) closed by takkaria
fixed: [967985e] (SVN r1315)
05:08 Ticket #785 (Various mushrooms have 0 value and squelch by default) closed by takkaria
duplicate: dup of #701
05:07 Ticket #701 (Give the new mushrooms some positive value) closed by takkaria
fixed: [08b7e73] (SVN r1314)
04:59 Ticket #761 (No need to include {uncursed} if curses are largely separate from items) closed by takkaria
fixed: [4bf0760] (SVN r1312)


16:18 Ticket #519 (Get the debian bits to the point where they can be autobuilt) closed by magnate
fixed: As of [516a914] (SVN r1310) I'm happy enough to close this ticket. If gtk …
11:52 Ticket #825 (make clean no longer recurses) created by magnate
It removes object files in src/, but not in src/object/ or src/monster/ I …
07:48 Ticket #754 (Egos with extra powers need to be priced better) closed by magnate
fixed: Power-based pricing was enabled by default in [88f5dbe] (SVN r1303), so …


07:52 Ticket #668 (When running, if you step on a trap, you get two @s on the screen while ...) closed by ajps
worksforme: I don't see this behaviour on the curses or SDL current builds ([523b18e] …
04:23 Ticket #824 (Learn weapon dice and bonuses after attacking) closed by takkaria
fixed: [523b18e] (SVN r1308)
04:07 Ticket #824 (Learn weapon dice and bonuses after attacking) created by takkaria
as laid out in #752
03:18 Ticket #641 (Morgoth arts messed up) reopened by takkaria
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