19:49 Ticket #1118 (Use a more accurate distance function) created by takkaria
See angband-dev thread: …


09:59 Ticket #1117 (Error parsing users prf) created by freevryheid@…
Error 1 in line 10 of file <pointer to user.prf> Parsing 'K:0:0x01:0x26' …


21:56 Milestone 3.1.2v2 completed
Bugfix release for 3.1.2


23:37 Ticket #1116 (Changing squelch options should trigger item drops) created by takkaria
From oook, "I'm carrying a squelchable item in my inventory and I drop …
23:34 Ticket #1115 (Improve squelch UI) created by takkaria
Someone on oook said, "It's annoying that I can't e(x)amine items in the …
23:32 Ticket #1114 (Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X) created by takkaria
Sparkle is a free framework for automatic software update on OS X: …
23:29 Ticket #1113 (Take a look at stealth and monster detection) created by takkaria
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2293 does a good job of …


22:41 Ticket #1112 (Invisible Kobolds and Cave Bears on OSX) created by benburch@…
Hi! I have noticed that Kobold Archers, Kobold Shamans and Cave Bears (at …
14:43 Ticket #572 (Avoid unavoidable deaths) reopened by d_m
I didn't mean to close this, just to comment on it.
14:42 Ticket #1097 (Drop 16-colour support) closed by magnate
wontfix: Ah. I opened the ticket because I thought linux consoles *could* support …


12:53 Ticket #1105 (Saving doesn't work on OS X w/ fresh Angband install) closed by d_m
fixed: Believed fixed in [c847a8b] (SVN r1934)
02:43 Ticket #572 (Avoid unavoidable deaths) closed by d_m
fixed: The weird thing about Magnate's proposed fix is that it would mean that …
02:40 Ticket #1029 (Make "fire at nearest" command work for rogue key bindings also) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [acf7c61] (SVN r1933)
01:57 Ticket #1028 (Quiver possibly overwrites/deletes/loses/combines average,good,great ammo) closed by d_m
fixed: This is actually believed fixed. I think it was fixed in [bd9a869] (SVN …


10:44 Ticket #1111 (Item lists are right aligned) created by MarbleDice
This is a problem for terminal widths of unusual size, where the item …


05:15 Ticket #1110 (Selling issues in shops with use-by-ID) created by takkaria
Eddie said: "I've noticed that identified status seems to make more of a …
05:12 Ticket #1109 (Investigate whether money drops are lower now than before) created by takkaria
Since the increased variance in gold drops was introduced, people have …
05:10 Ticket #1108 (Add no_selling option) created by takkaria
Disables selling & increases gold drops to compensate.


15:38 Ticket #931 (Turn off pricing.log) closed by magnate
fixed: Turned off in [af6a52e] (SVN r1930) in response to lag issues playing from …


17:47 Ticket #1107 (Wrong colours reported in gcu port) closed by d_m
fixed: fixed in [96a0755] (SVN r1928)


22:25 Ticket #1107 (Wrong colours reported in gcu port) created by takkaria
See …
21:35 Ticket #1106 ("It draws psychic energy from you!" message seen whilst playing a warrior) created by takkaria
16:28 Ticket #1105 (Saving doesn't work on OS X w/ fresh Angband install) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2806 I think this might …


17:45 Ticket #1103 (Unarmed attacks do not teach attack plusses) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [bc7cb1a] (SVN r1926)
17:28 Ticket #1099 (Berserk strength glitch) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [fd347a2] (SVN r1925)
16:18 Ticket #1104 (Add ./angband -l command to list savefiles you can play (for use with -u)) created by takkaria
The savefile data is now stored in such a way now that it's easy to read …
15:24 Ticket #1103 (Unarmed attacks do not teach attack plusses) created by eddiegrove@…
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=29483
15:21 Ticket #1102 (Fix large bit flag fields) created by MarbleDice
Goals and characteristics * Use list-effects.h style tables for flags …
15:15 Ticket #1101 (Clean up and document savefiles) created by MarbleDice
Get rid of save-old.c and load-old.c, document current save file …
13:06 Ticket #1100 (Tell the player where character dumps get saved to) created by takkaria


05:47 Ticket #1099 (Berserk strength glitch) created by anonymous
In spell.txt, the description is "grants […] a bonus of +12 to-hit". In …


14:32 Ticket #1098 (make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little) created by h.b.furuseth@…
make distclean removes these files from the .tar.gz. The two first files …


15:57 Milestone 3.1.2 beta completed
Three months after 3.1.1 will come 3.1.2, which will be an awesome …
14:48 Ticket #1097 (Drop 16-colour support) created by magnate
AFAIK only main-gcu might not support 256 colours, and then only if …


13:39 Ticket #1075 (Make -r option work properly again) reopened by magnate
Replying to SilverD <alex.shershukov@…>: > Rebalance does not …
06:50 Ticket #1096 (Drain charged (RBE_UN_POWER) should only drain as many changes as a ...) created by takkaria
Also consider making HP healed from this proportional to number of charges …
06:49 Ticket #1095 (Add scrolls of restore artifact) created by takkaria
That replenish artifacts back to their original state (minus curses?). …
06:45 Ticket #1094 (Make all items pseudo on pickup at clev20) created by takkaria


22:40 Ticket #1093 (un-ID'd average items stack if there are previously ID'd average items) created by d_m
If you have a Dagger (+0, +0) and you pick up another Dagger (that happens …
18:09 Ticket #1092 (Look at unique monster colouring again) created by takkaria
Turning everyone violent has caused some consternation, so 3.1.3 should …
13:31 Ticket #1075 (Make -r option work properly again) closed by magnate
invalid: Kudos to UnAndrew?: -r still works perfectly despite the removal of .raw …
06:44 Ticket #947 (Angband crashes on exit if an edit file contains a syntax error) closed by takkaria
06:42 Ticket #964 (Keymap overwriting bug) closed by takkaria


09:03 Ticket #726 (Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied) reopened by takkaria
03:22 Ticket #965 (Importing savefile from previous version screws up objects in home) closed by magnate
wontfix: 3.1.2 is clearly advertised as breaking savefile compatibility, so this is …


16:47 Ticket #1078 (configure should honour --bindir= setting) closed by takkaria
fixed: [257eff1] (SVN r1912)


05:55 Ticket #1085 (Large memory leak in gtk client) closed by takkaria
fixed: [d6b2bf1] (SVN r1910)
05:30 Ticket #1091 (Allow import of monster memory even if we can't import old characters) created by takkaria
This will mean I'll feel less bad about breaking savefile compat…


18:31 Ticket #1090 (Shields and gloves have the wrong colors) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [acabf72] (SVN r1907)
18:29 Ticket #1090 (Shields and gloves have the wrong colors) created by MarbleDice
17:35 Ticket #1089 (Magic missile visual effect is messed up) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [40677aa] (SVN r1905)
17:28 Ticket #1089 (Magic missile visual effect is messed up) created by MarbleDice
Uses the wrong color and the wrong character for the direction it's going.
16:38 Ticket #1078 (configure should honour --bindir= setting) reopened by d_m
06:32 Ticket #1088 (Chests inside chests) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2761 Apparently this is a …
06:30 Ticket #1087 (Crash with autopickup and full inv and non-empty quiver) closed by magnate
fixed: Apologies. It had been fixed before I opened this ticket ([31b0037] (SVN …
06:21 Ticket #1087 (Crash with autopickup and full inv and non-empty quiver) created by magnate
Happens in [a60bf67] (SVN r1896). See …


05:06 Ticket #1078 (configure should honour --bindir= setting) closed by takkaria
fixed: [e65d2d5] (SVN r1899)


20:17 Ticket #1086 (Items in home identified on game load) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [026ae95] (SVN r1898)
20:16 Ticket #1086 (Items in home identified on game load) created by widget-angband@…


12:16 Ticket #1085 (Large memory leak in gtk client) created by widget-angband@…
Anecdotally I have personally noticed the gtk client slowing down after a …
10:14 Ticket #939 (Should color*255 be color*257?) closed by d_m
fixed: I applied this change and it seems to work fine. I'm not sure I totally …
10:10 Ticket #1079 (Monster list in gtk client causes errors in terminal window) closed by d_m
fixed: The patch has been applied to [88083a3] (SVN r1895). Thanks Widget!
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