16:31 Ticket #1578 (Ensure that effect values are >0 in project_m) closed by GabeCunningham
duplicate: Duplicate of #1634.


22:28 Ticket #1634 (crash related to monster timing) created by rangerjeff
sorry if this has been reported before, first time here. also, first …


14:00 Ticket #1633 (Unignoring status not saved) created by magnate
So all squelched items are always visible on loading, until you press K.


20:02 Ticket #1632 (Slay cache sometimes runs out of room(?)) created by GabeCunningham
In slays.c, there is a SLAY_CACHE_SIZE define that seems to be too small …


19:30 AgendaDec edited by magnate
19:28 WikiStart edited by magnate
Added AgendaDec (diff)


19:20 Ticket #1631 (Artifact spellbooks don't show up purple in item list) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): [ca8c8c62]
14:43 Ticket #1631 (Artifact spellbooks don't show up purple in item list) created by magnate
Reported by Mathias on Oook. They appears as "Tome of High Magick" (or …


16:34 Ticket #1630 (No sound on monster death) created by bryguypgh
There used to be a sound effect whenever a (visible) monster died, now …
09:09 Ticket #1629 (No way to target an empty square with monsters in view) closed by bryguypgh
invalid: Nevermind, I see o still works.
09:08 Ticket #1629 (No way to target an empty square with monsters in view) created by bryguypgh
Since "offset" seems to have been removed there is no obvious way to …


21:55 Ticket #1628 (New spell display covers too much screen) created by bryguypgh
The verbose spell display should be optional, as it obscures the field of …


17:17 Ticket #1627 (Allow affixes to affect balance and heft) created by magnate
This means adding extra fields to ego_item.txt and adding them to the …


17:32 Ticket #1626 (Crash with dubtrain's sound pack) created by myshkin
Reported by bacchist on #angband-dev: […] I have not personally …
17:25 Ticket #1625 (Autotools/buildsys build fails by default) created by myshkin
The default settings to configure (i.e. sdl-mixer enabled and sdl …


13:03 Ticket #1526 (Mimics and monster attacks) closed by magnate
fixed (in master): [97912f1], and also in v4 [75b0dba] - thanks CunningGabe.
09:26 Ticket #1624 (Lurker display issues) created by GabeCunningham
Someone a while back suggested that a Lurker should stop looking like the …


18:50 Ticket #1623 (Monster memory not updated if brand is resisted) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): Actually that wasn't the problem. The problem, in improve_attack_modifier, …
18:15 Ticket #1004 (obj-power.c: address weight properly) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): Lovely. This now doesn't need further fixing at all, since the only …
18:12 Ticket #828 (Make to-hit formula more intuitive) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): [56a3319] It's now a straight 75% - evasion + (finesse/25)
18:08 Ticket #534 (Rework critical hits) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): [7dda9e9] Now uses finesse/balance and prowess/heft, which in turn are …
18:05 Ticket #1446 (Separate monster AC into evasion and absorption) closed by magnate
fixed (in v4): [8cefa2b] Slays/brands do not currently have any relationship with …
17:24 Ticket #1623 (Monster memory not updated if brand is resisted) created by magnate
This is an error in the slay rewrite: the learn_flags only deals with …
17:16 Ticket #1622 (Fix describe_damage) created by magnate
For melee weapons, it reveals slays that are not yet known. For ammo, it …
00:14 Ticket #1621 (Crash associated with Nar the Dwarf) created by Motyob
Running Angband 3.3.0-546-ga 48326c-dirty System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 …


09:14 Ticket #1508 (Mimics need full camouflage in tile mode) closed by GabeCunningham
fixed (in master): This was quietly fixed way back in 80fc8f29dc. The behavior is now the …
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