22:05 Ticket #434 (Rearrange stores) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Just landed in master - 3497add, 858f5c3, a923cf6.
20:24 Ticket #1722 (monster/mon-util.c:33: get_lore: Assertion `race' failed.) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): This has been fixed in master, thanks.
20:13 Ticket #1220 (Improve the -u switch) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in f26fed2.
19:07 BuildSlave edited by myshkin
19:02 BuildSlave edited by myshkin
Added information on filling in the config files (diff)
18:45 Ticket #147 (Fix the "vinfo_type" hack in cave.c) closed by elly
fixed (in master)
18:42 Ticket #1104 (Add ./angband -l command to list savefiles you can play (for use with -u)) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Aha! Fixed as of d92e2fc.
18:40 Ticket #1728 (Add a buildbot builder to exercise the build system) created by myshkin
Per conversation on #angband-dev, it would be useful to have a builder …
16:10 Ticket #1727 (drop all doesn't work like expected) created by hboetes
how to repeat: 1. walk into your home 2. hit 'i' 3. click on a stack …
15:30 Ticket #226 (More clearly distinguish multi-user and POSIX/Unix systems) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): fix in f09b5f3.
11:22 Ticket #1726 (Crash in SDL port on exit) created by hboetes
Upon exiting angband I sometimes get this hang if I press esc right after …
11:16 Ticket #1725 (menu overwrites description) created by hboetes
use 'inventory' and then select any object with a long description and …
11:01 Ticket #1724 (SDL port crash on exit with stack trashing) created by hboetes
This crash happened with the git code from yesterday after exiting. …


18:12 Ticket #1723 (ranger magic moaning) created by hboetes
You hear something moaning in the distance. It tries to cast a spell. It …
15:05 Ticket #1722 (monster/mon-util.c:33: get_lore: Assertion `race' failed.) created by hboetes
I'm using angband with sdl. I have an extra window for monsters open which …


04:41 Ticket #1285 (Better make system) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Our make system is good enough.
04:32 Ticket #1716 (Borg tends to use a spell to light up fully lit rooms) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): This behaviour has been fixed with my borg fixes branch, which rewrote …
04:31 Ticket #1653 (OS X build of tests prints ld warnings) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed as of c90ec197c5ef947e073ad83f54774d20b6e6c27b; z-term.h was …
04:22 Ticket #1676 (Article handling typo in object_desc) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 9d78378
04:02 Ticket #1677 (Change alloc_prob to u16b) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in V, 4f27226. Not pulled across to v4.
03:50 Ticket #1699 (autosave disabled because of allow_borg) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): re-enabled in d02f9bd7feb6cc91e224865cc4fc5516cb4a0c96
03:39 Ticket #859 (Batch Reading of Scrolls) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Closing. You can no longer get Enchant scrolls in sufficient quantity for …
03:38 Ticket #860 (Simplify Commands T, t, and X (macro)) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): I think the 't' and 'T' change has some merit but I don't see any reason …
03:19 Ticket #795 (Port to Symbian S60 using SDL) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Symbian's dead; long live Microsoft.
03:02 Ticket #398 (Enhance the Gtk2 port) closed by takkaria
wontfix: This is from years ago and we no longer have a GTK port.
02:41 Ticket #115 (Movement by mouse doesn't work very well.) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Pathfinding works a lot better now, fixed at some point in the last couple …
02:35 Ticket #80 (Add main-gba.c) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Closing; it's 6 years on and the GBA is outdated.
02:34 Ticket #79 (Add main-net.c) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Closing due to having no intention (or reason!) to write it.
02:32 Ticket #57 (Do spells with edit files (like UnAngband)) closed by takkaria
wontfix: I don't think this level of customisation is a great idea anymore unless …
02:25 Ticket #51 (Universal use command) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): We've had one of these for a while now.
01:58 Ticket #192 (Create an item distribution visualiser) closed by takkaria
wontfix: I think we have enough other ways to do this now.
01:43 Ticket #1501 (Sort out toggling of options) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 4756a2e
01:36 Ticket #1500 (Check article handling in messages) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Problems with messages reported in forum thread have been fixed in …
01:17 Ticket #1351 (Unable to open or import save files) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Closing this as no reply in 2 years.
00:35 Ticket #1647 (Borg can't handle rubble) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master)
00:30 Ticket #1707 (Refactor get_obj_num_by_kind) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Ah, I found the patch on #1693. Merged (c13274d), with thanks.
00:22 Ticket #1706 (Refactor messy monster energy calculation) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Thanks, modified patch used in 5cfd509, now in master. Closing as fixed.
00:17 Ticket #1705 (Birth UI: Stats and are inconsistent with skills) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in master (7dcf130). Thanks.
00:12 Ticket #1685 (Improper capitalization in some messages.) closed by takkaria
duplicate: This is also reported with patch in #1711 (now fixed).
00:01 Ticket #1711 (melee2.c - capitalization) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Commited in f194fde, thanks.


16:24 MacPortStatus edited by myshkin
Terminal refresh calls have also been addressed. (diff)
16:23 MacPortStatus edited by myshkin
Updated information about movement by mouse fix. (diff)


13:23 WikiStart edited by takkaria
Remove outdated link (diff)
12:53 Ticket #1721 (Graphical touches to add to the ASCII interface) created by takkaria
* torchlight which starts bright at the @ and fades out * 'l'ooking around …
12:44 WikiStart edited by takkaria
12:38 WikiStart edited by takkaria
12:35 Compiling created by takkaria
Move the compiling info over from the old wiki


16:37 Ticket #1720 (The player race "Dunadan" ought to have an accented "u".) created by myshkin
The proper singular of "Dúnedain" is "Dúnadan." I am not sure how making …
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