05:38 Ticket #1748 (Missing sounds) created by PowerWyrm
After replacing the old sound set by Dubtrain's sound pack, it is probably …


04:31 Ticket #1747 (Closed/locked/jammed doors inconsistencies) created by PowerWyrm
The FEAT_XXX refactoring introduced inconsistencies with how …


19:11 Ticket #1018 (Cursed ammo doesn't make sense) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): We no longer have cursed ammo.
18:55 Ticket #1073 (Make Char dumps include more information) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Closing as most of these improvements are in by now. Not adding history …
18:36 Ticket #1746 (Remove annoying/useless terrain) created by takkaria
* Remove most secret doors (they're boring) * Remove bashing and jamming …
18:36 Ticket #1745 (Add passive LOS searching) created by takkaria
a la ewert's patch, which detects a few squares in front of you
18:34 Ticket #1744 (Monster pathfinding is weird and wrong) created by takkaria
* Monsters don't run away properly when afraid * Monsters fail to get …
17:41 Ticket #1743 (Cocoa port doesn't support window resizing) created by takkaria
17:37 Ticket #1742 (Remove Charisma from the game) created by takkaria
per IRC discussion (see …
12:21 ToDiscuss/Agenda2013April edited by myshkin
12:19 ToDiscuss/Agenda2013April edited by myshkin
12:12 Ticket #1297 (Remove maximize mode) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master)
12:06 DifficultGame edited by takkaria
Try to fix up ticket diplay (diff)
11:57 DifficultGame edited by takkaria


08:51 Ticket #1741 (Assign graphics to new foods) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Thanks for those, fixed in master rev 9dcc50f.


07:17 Ticket #1741 (Assign graphics to new foods) created by takkaria
Hard Biscuit & al don't have them at present. Might have to ask Shockbolt …


16:09 Ticket #1740 (Documentation: Explain how protection interacts with resists) created by takkaria
See this forum thread for an example: …
03:06 Ticket #860 (Simplify Commands T, t, and X (macro)) closed by PowerWyrm
fixed (in master): Fixed in a later commit (28f6bb7). Reclosing…


12:32 NextUi edited by takkaria
remove broken tickets display (diff)
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12:26 ToDiscuss/Agenda2013April created by takkaria
12:17 ToDiscuss edited by takkaria


01:59 Ticket #1739 (Redraw bug: traps not shown after 's'earch after ?TrapCreation) created by takkaria
To reproduce: 1. Read ?TrapCreation? 2. Hit 's'earch a few times 3. Game …
01:10 Ticket #1738 (Grammar: "the Cutpurse picks up X") created by takkaria
Lower-case 'the', should be capitalised


03:32 Ticket #860 (Simplify Commands T, t, and X (macro)) reopened by PowerWyrm
This should be reverted. The 'x' command is already used in the roguelike …


14:53 Ticket #1244 (Bigtile/Double/Triple tiles don't work in GTK) closed by takkaria
wontfix: No more GTK port, so closing.
14:52 Ticket #1235 (New visual characters are not preserved over entry/exit to shops in GTK) closed by takkaria
wontfix: No more GTK port, so closing.
14:52 Ticket #1192 (Excessive CPU use with -mgtk) closed by takkaria
wontfix: No more GTK port, so closing.
12:54 Ticket #1737 (Ignoring an item in your equipment should take them off and drop it) created by takkaria
11:11 Ticket #1736 (Universal use command defaults to equipment) created by takkaria
10:43 Ticket #1735 (Inventory term window should only show weights after a certain width) created by takkaria
A width-30 term window shouldn't be using 33% of that space to show me …
10:33 Ticket #1734 (Universal use command shows fail rates for food, scrolls) created by takkaria
10:32 Ticket #1733 (Stacking: game should always try to create full stacks) created by takkaria
e.g. I have two stacks of +0 iron shots in my inventory, one with 38 items …
10:22 Ticket #1732 (Grammar problem: read/eat/etc commands all prompt in lowercase) created by takkaria
e.g. "(Inv c-d, ESC) read which scroll?" instead of "Read which scroll?"
10:20 Ticket #1731 (Grammar problem: "Your Bolts of Lightning crackles!") created by takkaria


19:45 Ticket #1539 (Remove warnings from all compiler platforms) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): All fixable autobuilder warnings are now fixed. Added note about checking …
19:44 ReleaseChecklist edited by takkaria
17:42 Ticket #768 (FOV code is hideous) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master)
17:42 Ticket #576 (Item flavours file needs a better format) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed as of 8075e49.
16:04 Ticket #615 (What is the point of Priest melee-branding spells?) closed by takkaria
fixed (in v4): Leaving this as the v4 bug, #746 is the 3.5 bug
15:56 Ticket #1580 (Elemental physical monster attacks should do damage regardless of immune ...) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): This was fixed with bron's immunity changes.


13:59 Ticket #1730 (Crash in SDL port upon exit) created by hboetes
[…] Heh :-) […]


17:55 Ticket #1729 (save-file compatibility is broken.) created by pete mack
Created a 3.3.0 file (from latest download shown at oook). Then upgraded …


12:54 Ticket #11 (Help changes) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Closing this the same functionality can be got by using Trac's query …
12:32 Ticket #12 (Distribute helpfiles as HTML, PDF) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in ed9a898.


22:05 Ticket #434 (Rearrange stores) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Just landed in master - 3497add, 858f5c3, a923cf6.
20:24 Ticket #1722 (monster/mon-util.c:33: get_lore: Assertion `race' failed.) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): This has been fixed in master, thanks.
20:13 Ticket #1220 (Improve the -u switch) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in f26fed2.
19:07 BuildSlave edited by myshkin
19:02 BuildSlave edited by myshkin
Added information on filling in the config files (diff)
18:45 Ticket #147 (Fix the "vinfo_type" hack in cave.c) closed by elly
fixed (in master)
18:42 Ticket #1104 (Add ./angband -l command to list savefiles you can play (for use with -u)) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Aha! Fixed as of d92e2fc.
18:40 Ticket #1728 (Add a buildbot builder to exercise the build system) created by myshkin
Per conversation on #angband-dev, it would be useful to have a builder …
16:10 Ticket #1727 (drop all doesn't work like expected) created by hboetes
how to repeat: 1. walk into your home 2. hit 'i' 3. click on a stack …
15:30 Ticket #226 (More clearly distinguish multi-user and POSIX/Unix systems) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): fix in f09b5f3.
11:22 Ticket #1726 (Crash in SDL port on exit) created by hboetes
Upon exiting angband I sometimes get this hang if I press esc right after …
11:16 Ticket #1725 (menu overwrites description) created by hboetes
use 'inventory' and then select any object with a long description and …
11:01 Ticket #1724 (SDL port crash on exit with stack trashing) created by hboetes
This crash happened with the git code from yesterday after exiting. …


18:12 Ticket #1723 (ranger magic moaning) created by hboetes
You hear something moaning in the distance. It tries to cast a spell. It …
15:05 Ticket #1722 (monster/mon-util.c:33: get_lore: Assertion `race' failed.) created by hboetes
I'm using angband with sdl. I have an extra window for monsters open which …
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