03:36 Ticket #1806 (No message when monster is hurt by chaos strike) created by PowerWyrm
The message is masked by the polymorph effect. This is ok when …


04:45 Ticket #1805 (More intelligent starting kit for birth_no_recall characters) created by PowerWyrm
Currently, a character that starts with the birth_no_recall and …


17:53 Ticket #1804 (Make one line textblocks wrap properly.) created by molybdenum
When using a textblock with only one line of text and without any line …


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04:30 NicksAwesomeRestructure edited by nckmccnnll
Add file re-org planning bit (diff)
03:27 Ticket #1803 (Random crash when going up (monster list subwindow)) created by PowerWyrm
This is very hard to reproduce. Logging the error message, I got something …


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07:48 Ticket #1802 (Downstairs on dl99 w/o killing Sauron) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=86615
04:07 Ticket #1801 (Game crash when targeting self) created by PowerWyrm
To reproduce: - press any looking/targeting command - press 'p' (replaces …


17:07 effects.xls attached to NewEffects by magnate
19 low-level "atomic" effects from which all others can be built


19:43 Ticket #1800 (Mouse menu support bug) created by takkaria
To reproduce: * Right-mouse click on character * mouse-click on other * …


10:19 Ticket #1799 (Some monster messages don't take into account uniqueness of monster) created by PowerWyrm
Killing a monster normally triggers a different message flavor (color + …
05:14 Ticket #1798 (MSG_BOLD missing in messages.prf) created by PowerWyrm
Currently, messages.prf and MSG_XXX enum are out of sync due to missing …


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First cut
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Start a page about code restructuring (diff)


23:49 Ticket #1797 (Rename potions of Intellect) created by myshkin
As discussed in #angband-dev, it is easy to mistake "Intellect" for …


18:48 Ticket #1037 (inventory should be sorted before items remaining is displayed) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in c9e89af, pullreq https://github.com/angband/angband/pull/279
18:48 Ticket #1733 (Stacking: game should always try to create full stacks) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in c9e89af, pullreq https://github.com/angband/angband/pull/279
18:38 Ticket #1771 (Stop ability to rest for just 1 turn) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 6e9cc1b, pullreq https://github.com/angband/angband/pull/280


23:52 Ticket #1796 (Suppress label when item is removed from inventory.) created by molybdenum
From 1037#comment:9: While we're at it, maybe the slot info …
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