16:27 Ticket #1814 (Get rid of z-virt) created by myshkin
The z-virt memory allocation functions seem like unnecessary wrappers. …
16:23 Ticket #1813 (Walls lighting is broken under gcu) created by myshkin
Walls seen but outside of a room or LOS display strangely in the gcu port. …
10:36 Ticket #1812 (Keymap bug under Linux, unknown port) created by takkaria


23:32 Ticket #1811 (Dropping artifacts causes crashes.) created by molybdenum
Dropping or throwing Eonwe and Orome seems to cause some kind of crash. …


14:51 Ticket #1810 (./configure should check for rst2html) created by Aerdan
./configure should check for rst2html and disable building of HTML …
11:27 Milestone 3.5.0 completed
Now feature-frozen and only bugfixes to be added. Release target: …
08:17 Ticket #1756 (shift-run does not work in gcu) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in c3924b7.


19:25 Ticket #1809 (Resizing object list and monster list subwindows to very small sizes ...) created by molybdenum
See #1611. Doesn't seem to happen on OS X. "As of dev-668-g13dc1db, when …
11:39 Ticket #1783 (Graphics need updating for new food types) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed ages ago, in 9dcc50f5
10:21 Ticket #1767 (Dodgy Shockbolt tiles) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master)
09:08 Ticket #1782 (Store UI is broken for no selling) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in a5f7fc3


13:59 Ticket #1654 (Game crashes when "reset layout" is selected on XP and Vista) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): This was actually fixed in 102b3b13
13:55 Ticket #1753 (Inscribing items in the quiver causes a crash) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Closing, since I can't reproduce on OS X or on Windows
13:36 Ticket #1792 (Targeting unseen grid with monster on it fails) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 4901b95
13:31 Ticket #1759 (Autopickup doesn't work) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 25696bd
09:40 Ticket #1803 (Random crash when going up (monster list subwindow)) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed, finally, in 72e7da2
07:50 Ticket #1802 (Downstairs on dl99 w/o killing Sauron) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Can't reproduce or see how the code could do this, so closing.


18:32 Ticket #1740 (Documentation: Explain how protection interacts with resists) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in https://github.com/angband/angband/pull/305


11:40 Ticket #1744 (Monster pathfinding is weird and wrong) closed by fizzix
fixed (in master)


12:02 Ticket #1762 (Graphics gone all squiffy) closed by takkaria
duplicate: Dupe of #1767
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