08:42 Ticket #1862 (Missile shoots multiple monsters) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 9b15563 :(
08:42 Ticket #1871 (Glyph of warding invisible) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in faecd2b


15:49 Ticket #1888 (Bad randart properties) created by nckmccnnll
No slays or brands on randarts, and an Arkenstone with 0 light Reported …
08:02 Ticket #1867 (Pickup doesn't give a choice) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 5301a6b - there may still be some room for improvement
08:01 Ticket #1882 (Inscriptions not saved) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 81362e8
08:00 Ticket #1864 (Items on stairs) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in ba61316
07:59 Ticket #1865 (Wizard mode teleport level broken) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 63f7f2c
07:58 Ticket #1879 (Flasks do no damage) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 3c8f108


09:53 Ticket #1849 (Template rooms using the wrong tval) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 3980b11
09:51 Ticket #1887 (Run and disarm) created by nckmccnnll
Running toward a trap leads to one attempt to disarm, rather than just …
09:50 Ticket #1886 (Temple buys sharp weapons) created by nckmccnnll
Looks like it's a failure of object_flag_is_known Reported by Nomad


21:22 Ticket #1885 (Flavor leak from mimic) created by nckmccnnll
"I walked into a scroll mimic and I was told that the scroll of …
21:20 Ticket #1884 (Wrong turncount in history) created by nckmccnnll
Looks like artifact finds use game turns where everything else uses …
21:18 Ticket #1883 (Monster knowledge not saving) created by nckmccnnll
"Monster knowledge listings" wiped clean on save and restart Reported by …
21:16 Ticket #1882 (Inscriptions not saved) created by nckmccnnll
If you leave items with any inscriptions on them in the home, the …
21:13 Ticket #1881 (Object list delay) created by nckmccnnll
1. Object sub-window delayed 1 turn. E.g., pick up a potion and it still …
21:11 Ticket #1880 (No message from Mushroom of Vigor) created by nckmccnnll
"There's no message after eating a Mushroom of Vigor to restore drained …
21:10 Ticket #1879 (Flasks do no damage) created by nckmccnnll
"I had my flasks pseudoID:t as {average}, Inspecting it noticed that I …
21:09 Ticket #1878 (Weirdness on race selection) created by nckmccnnll
"In windows 7, if you start game, select open and then cancel and try to …
21:05 Ticket #1877 (Can't pick up to part-empty quiver) created by nckmccnnll
"It's not possible to pick up additional ammo when the inventory is full, …
21:00 Ticket #1876 (Bonus weirdness on wield and take off) created by nckmccnnll
"I’ve found this as well. I was wearing leather armour and had a full …
20:57 Ticket #1875 (Black Market too cheap) created by nckmccnnll
"Ring of See Invisible from the Black Market for 450Au. Seems cheap. …
20:53 Ticket #1874 ({magical} objects show unknown resists) created by nckmccnnll
"I'm currently wearing a Leather Shield (8,+6) {magical}, but on my …
20:51 Ticket #1873 (Blank entry in quality ignore) created by nckmccnnll
At the top Reported by Nomad
20:50 Ticket #1872 (Effects not ID'd on hitting walls) created by nckmccnnll
"I zapped a rod at a wall and got a fireball, but it didn't ID; I had to …
20:49 Ticket #1871 (Glyph of warding invisible) created by nckmccnnll
Newly placed glyph of warding is invisible, but reported by 'l'ook …
20:47 Ticket #1870 (Messages refer to used items) created by nckmccnnll
If something is ID'd by use and autoinscribed, the message about …
20:44 Ticket #1869 (Too fast SP gain) created by nckmccnnll
"My Half-orc rogue seems to be gaining SP faster than he should. In 3.5 …
20:44 Ticket #1868 (Amulets of Inertia with no speed penalty) created by nckmccnnll
Reported by Nomad
20:43 Ticket #1867 (Pickup doesn't give a choice) created by nckmccnnll
'g' just picks up the top object Reported by DeusIrae and others
20:42 Ticket #1866 (Inscriptions @m1 broken) created by nckmccnnll
Multiple problems with @ inscriptions Reported by Thraalbeast, Nomad, …
20:40 Ticket #1865 (Wizard mode teleport level broken) created by nckmccnnll
Reported by Thraalbeast
20:39 Ticket #1864 (Items on stairs) created by nckmccnnll
Stairs that appear after killing Sauron and Morgoth can be covered by …
20:38 Ticket #1863 (Character screen immunity problem) created by nckmccnnll
rAcid and rFire turn green when there is immunity but rElectric and rCold …
20:37 Ticket #1862 (Missile shoots multiple monsters) created by nckmccnnll
Targeting the back monster in a line hits them all. Awesome, but bad …
20:35 Ticket #1861 (Monsters back off) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=99699&postcount=82
20:34 Ticket #1860 (Seen vs aware in object list) created by nckmccnnll
Object list should be separating "seen" and "aware" objects, and it isn't …
20:28 Ticket #1859 (Lock picking broken) created by nckmccnnll
Appears to take way too long (like digging did before fix) Reported by …
20:26 Ticket #1858 (Creeping coins slow to change) created by nckmccnnll
Creeping coins don't change their tile until they move, rather than when …
20:25 Ticket #1857 (Autoinscribed items not merging) created by nckmccnnll
They autoinscribe, but don't merge Reported by AnonymousHero?
20:16 Ticket #1856 (No border around inventory) created by nckmccnnll
Makes it hard to read in shops Reported by Nomad
20:15 Ticket #1855 (Inscription ! failing) created by nckmccnnll
Things like !* and !k!d are having no effect Reported by Thraalbeast (for …
20:13 Ticket #1854 (Buying unseen potions) created by nckmccnnll
Buying an unseen potion reports as “You bought a Brown Speckled Potion" …
20:11 Ticket #1853 (Flasks unidentified) created by nckmccnnll
Flasks of oil come up in the menu as things to be identified Reported by …
20:08 Ticket #1852 (Unwield and drop) created by nckmccnnll
Taking off something with a full backpack should drop the thing taken off, …
20:03 Ticket #1851 (Stat potions not restoring) created by nckmccnnll
Not restoring before raising a stat
20:01 Ticket #1850 (Unseen cash) created by nckmccnnll
Using the wrong tile Reported by MattB
20:00 Ticket #1849 (Template rooms using the wrong tval) created by nckmccnnll
This is a consequence of putting tvals into list-tvals.h


06:45 Ticket #1848 (Light occasionally disappears) created by nckmccnnll
Seems to involve all light sources - occasionally there is just no light. …


08:32 Ticket #1847 (Tiles not redrawing properly) created by nckmccnnll
Specially with big tiles Report by MattB


17:04 Ticket #1846 (Empty quiver should show) created by nckmccnnll
On 'i' and 'e' commands, '.' is an option for show quiver, but it silently …
17:00 Ticket #1845 (Inventory screen overflows) created by nckmccnnll
Having two description lines at the top of the object selection screen …
10:53 Ticket #1844 (Automatically dig with digger when you dig and you have a digger.) created by Han
Since I now use narthanc which is a fenomenal blad but simply refused to …


19:30 Ticket #1843 (The gcu port crashes at the opening screen on resizing or otherwise ...) created by myshkin
First reported by Han on IRC. I can reproduce this behavior. Resizing …


03:22 Ticket #85 (Use Mr. Att logo on all platforms) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Failed to read the above, did a new icon and changed it in 901db10; …
02:51 Ticket #1837 (Effect descriptions need improvement) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in commits up to and including f6a6afb
02:48 Ticket #1556 (Change purple non-unique monsters to some other color) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 8e96eb4
02:38 Ticket #1827 (Acquirement can fail to generate egos) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 99b2e00 by making sure the level never gets stupidly high.
01:59 Ticket #1017 (Throwing from the quiver) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 2048000
01:02 Ticket #1835 (Quality squelching is not working properly in certain cases.) closed by nckmccnnll
wontfix: There are two cases here - the FA gloves one is technically an issue, but …
00:31 Ticket #1828 (Manually targeting a square should target any target_able monster) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fix as above applied in d43c3fb
00:19 Ticket #1829 (Aluminium/Aluminum) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 3785847
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