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This is going to be a description of AngbandBase (the low level Angband code that should be common across variants) and a guide to variant maintainers on how to use it (and adapt other Angband code to suit them).

====Guide to angband/src

This is a rough (unfinished) division of the Angband source files into categories for anyone planning to base their variant on current Vanilla.

Files you should not change Comments
button.c Mouse support
button.h "
debug.c Optional
debug.h "
game-event.c Critical - how the game handles events
game-event.h "
guid.c ?
guid.h "
h-basic.h Really low level definitions and includes
keymap.c Keymap handling
keymap.h "
main-crb.c Mac port
main-gcu.c Curses port
main-nds.c Nintendo DS port
main-sdl.c SDL port
main-win.c Windows port
main-x11.c X11 port
main-xxx.c platform port template
main.c Linux/Unix? main file
main.h "
Makefile.nds Nintendo DS makefile Windows makefile
parser.c General purpose file parser
parser.h "
randname.c Random name generation
randname.h "
signals.c Signal handling
snd-sdl.c SDL sound
textui.h Command handling
ui-event.c Mouse/keyboard input handling
ui-event.h "
ui-menu.c Menu handling
ui-menu.h "
ui.c Some display routines
ui.h "
x-char.c Accented characters
x-char.h "
z-bitflag.c Bitfield handling
z-bitflag.h "
z-debug.h ?
z-file.c File handling
z-file.h "
z-form.c Text formatting
z-form.h "
z-msg.c Game messages
z-msg.h "
z-quark.c Inscriptions
z-quark.h "
z-queue.c Queue (mainly for events?)
z-queue.h "
z-rand.c Random numbers
z-rand.h "
z-term.c Displaying in a window
z-term.h "
z-textblock.c Displaying and printing chunks of text
z-type.c Datatypes
z-type.h "
z-util.c String and other miscellaneous routines
z-util.h "
z-virt.c Memory handling
z-virt.h "

====Current AngbandBase source files

Note that current AngbandBase uses 3.2.0 - some names in more recent Angband will have changed


Some of these are clearly wrong - for example, ui-knowledge and ui-spells shouldn't be in here and parser.* should. The guide to angband/src above should be more useful for pretty much every purpose, when it's finished.

Putting all these into a library seems like a good idea.