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  • make home bigger
  • shop UI switch: 'traditional' or 'menu-based' option
  • show equip & invent on screen at once for universal use command…
  • add ego memory (once you’ve ID’d ego X once, you know it from then on)
  • average items ID'd by default
  • introduce store discounts again
  • only allow digging with a shovel?
  • make confuse/fear/etc like Ey - effect varies with intensity
  • save dungeon seed in the savefile
  • add wizard lock as mage spell
  • move full monster memory out of cheat options
  • make Destroy Traps give a small damage effect when exploding doors/traps
  • replace characer_dungeon with cave->ready
  • sleeping monsters have shaded background (Sil)
  • remove use of player->depth, use cave->depth
  • add bark and peck attacks (for animals)
  • make all detection less reliable - e.g. magic mapping could reveal e.g. 90% of squares. casting multiple times to get a better picture.
  • reduce player and monster attacks to one line per round
  • remove rings of Escaping + terror effect
  • squelch by ego
  • add alert but unaware status (e.g. Sil)
  • highlight current target using cursor
  • remove locked/trapped chests, maybe make inside them better + make them rarer (see NPP/FA) - or check out the traps on Sangband chests: they teleport themselves or * * * * scatter their contents, or explode.
  • simplify language used in monster recall a la Sil
  • show timed effect counters (except WoR)
  • rm connected_stairs, instead guarantee a staircase near the player
  • rm no_stacking
  • semicircle rooms
  • 'R' rest rests for 50 turns / until fully healed (like Mist?)
  • automatically cast light spell in rooms when no monsters visible
  • spells which keep being cast as long as you pay upkeep (e.g. 1 SP/10 turns, or maybe just use up 5SP to keep it permanently going as long as uninterrupted - e.g. for DTraps)
  • import fizzix’s stat potion rarity changes?
  • change store turnover to random value instead of what it is now
  • make options positive (esp. gameplay ones - “Don’t stack objects” => “Stack objects”)
  • show damage a la Sil (or in messages, dunno) - requires showing damage in more places
  • add entanglement? (spiders could do this)
  • character dump: don’t show dropped info for boring items (e.g. for rechargeables, don’t show unless dropped out of depth)
  • shafts to go multiple dungeon levels
  • monsters trigger traps
  • directional phase door (choose a direction, go roughly in that direction) -> rogues only
  • Show ‘AC you can always hit’ on character screen
  • Change stat system. Race changes stat mins/maxes as well as starting stats. Class just changes starting stats. End this Self/RB/CB bollocks on the character screen; just have ‘self’ ‘equip’ ‘actual’.
  • siren trap (makes a loud noise for x turns after a delay of y turns, like a shrieker mushroom patch but more subtle)
  • trap doors that take you to a level 10’ lower and you need to climb out of. the level would just be a room or a few rooms connected
  • generally more kinds of delayed and ongoing effects would be cool
  • fork lightning bolts (that hit something else as well as the one you aim at) or even just bouncing them off walls
  • Make ‘Study (n)’ clickable using registered click areas
  • at the moment rings/amulets/etc start showing up with useless ones really early and you wait for a long time until something interesting comes along. drop the early ones a bit deeper so that you get a smoother complexity/playtime curve
  • maybe include equipment and inventory in the same screen for actions e.g. ‘fire’ and ‘use’. Equipment can have capital letters instead of lowercase
  • when inscribing an object, offer to auto-inscribe all objects of that kind in future
  • Don't sell ?Recharge in the shops normally
  • Tone down speed availability on high-end items
  • Tone down max stats available using both potions and equipment (combine with linearising)
  • Add different racial 'natural' stat caps
  • Separate movement speed from attack speed?
  • Clone monster make multiple clones, non-hasted?
  • Check how long it takes for pseudo to happen on average
  • Pseudo on walkover at dl30?
  • Add abilities a la O:
    • Point Blank Shot (and make ranged weapons more ineffective otherwise)
    • Sneak Attack (guaranteed criticals on a sleeping monster)
    • Anti-flank (make it so if you're flanked you have much lower AC, this removes that penalty)
    • Item knowledge I, II, III (pseudo-ID on pickup, psuedo-ID on all items you can see, ID on pickup)
    • Weapon appraisal (instant ID on combat abilities of weapons)
    • Forceful blow (sometimes push back monsters when you score a critical)
    • Beguiling (makes monster status effects more effective)
    • Whirling Attack (instead of a normal attack, swing round in a circle, doing one blow to each creature hit up to x creatures, x = blows/turn)


Minor skills (saving throw, disarming, stealth?, magic devices, perception, searching):

  • Current scheme is ad-hoc and we can do better
  • Sil and Mist both have simplier and unified systems
  • Mist: “a skill roll is always 1d100 under your score”

Linearise stats:

  • Start off with making stat gain only add 1 point, but tweak stat tables so they reflect this (e.g. at the moment characters go from 18 to around 18/20 normally, so make the new 18/10 the same as the old 18/20 - might require adding some more values up the higher end)
  • Look at relation between HP and Con - can it be made mathematical e.g. each point increasing amount by x%? e.g. 5, 10 (in Sil, 20, but it has very different scaling)
  • Look at relation between sp/level/stat and hp/level/stat - they should have something in common. atm sp is biased heavily (entirely?) towards stat.

Simplifying: are the new rings/mushrooms/mixed curse things a success? Do people find them useful or are they junk?

Play Z 2.2.8 again - lots of additional content and depth without new mechanics. Like mutations!

consume items for mana spell?

Combat, balancing out dex and str

Each weapon is classed into one of three categories: light/medium/heavy. Light weapons are finesse weapons; heavy weapons are prowess weapons, and medium are balanced. All weapons roll 1 die on hit (e.g. 1d4, 1d12, 1d20).

For each point of DEX, you get one additional blow with a light weapon, .5 additional with a medium weapon, and 0 with a heavy weapon. For each point of STR, you get an extra die roll with a heavy weapon, .5 extra rolls with a medium, and 0 with a light. Round down.

Thus a rogue with a 1d6 rapier and 4 DEX would get 4x 1d6 blows; a paladin with a 1d6 hammer and 4 STR would get a 4d6 blow; a warrior with a 1d6 shortsword, 2 DEX and 3 STR would get 2x 2d6 blows.

Slays would be like guaranteed STR bonuses. I think it'd also be interesting to have weapons that don't do extra damage against a given "race", but do give other bonuses, like never missing or causing the race to take a penalty on skill checks (e.g. orcs being afraid of Orcrist). I'm not sure what to do about crits.

ID changes

Which way forward for V?

Old system was

unknown item - pseudo - unknown type - ID - known type, some mystery with random abilities and artifacts -*ID*/self knowledge/*enlightement*

Now it is

unknown item - pseudo/immediately notice that thing is artifact - unknown type/unknown abilities - ID.

v4 runes - add mystery but only if combined with no more ID.