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Here are some suggestions collected over time for changes that could be made to the rogue class:

  • Have lots of magic buffs and effective monster-hindering and debuffing spells, with no direct-damage magic. Mages get the direct-damage magic, and fewer buffs.
  • Ideas for spells; temp stealth boost, cheap and varied teleport spells; temp high resists,
  • Rogues should be extra-stealthy, have instant pseudo-ID, and v.good detection and defensive spells not available to anyone else.
  • Attacking a sleeping monster will always hit, and deal out extra damage. Generally, though, not so good at combat.
  • Ability to steal items from monsters; risks waking the monster if asleep, and hasting it when awake.
  • Short-range controlled teleport that can land inside vaults, with some randomness to actual arrival point.
  • "Having the only controlled tport in the game would differentiate rogue and make the class not as weak compared to the others. Suggest letting you target any spot within around 10 squares, similar to phase door's range, and actual arrival spot is a random unoccupied square, cave_dirty or not, from a radius of 2 or 3 about the target. If no suitable landing site, spell leaves you unmoved but you still use a turn and the mana for casting it."
  • Monster trapping ability. (Monsters should be affected by other traps too.)
  • Temp. poison brand for melee attacks (only really useful in early game). [Assassin theme]
  • Another thing could be ... speed. A short boost of +5, but cumulative with haste self, in a relatively deep spellbook. Earliest and lowest-mana access to haste self (with mages getting it, from the same book, at a somewhat higher level and mana cost).