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Added information on filling in the config files

Creating a BuildSlave

You will want to download the package buildbot-slave-0.8.3 from The instructions for installing it are somewhat platform-specific. Once you've installed it, pick a name for your build slave and contact d_m for configuration files and ssh key exchange.


  1. Run "apt-get install buildbot" to get the deps OR Install the deps by hand
  2. Download the package buildbot-slave-0.8.3.tar.gz. Unpack it and cd into it.
  3. python build
  4. sudo python install
  5. mkdir ~/$SLAVEDIR
  6. cd ~/$SLAVEDIR
  7. buildslave create-slave . $NAME $PASSWD
  8. buildslave start .


MacPorts has buildbot-slave 0.8.3. Creating a separate user under which to run the buildbot slave is advisable.

Configuration files


  • buildmaster_host should be
  • We have been using Angband uniques for the namespace of slavenames
  • Set passwd to a random string


Please put your contact information in info/admin and a brief description of your builder in info/host.