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Who's where in the angband codebase

This page has been created as a guide to which active (or semi-active) developers have extensive knowledge of which sections of code and where they can most easily/quickly be contacted. For a list of tickets they're each working on, click here.


Maintainer. Knows everything. Final authority for all decisions. Contactable on #angband-dev on IRC, or the angband-dev mailing list.


Maintainer of the Debian package. Author of randart.c and obj-power.c, also usefully familiar with (in descending order):

  • object knowledge stuff (obj-info.c plus bits of cmd-know.c, obj-util.c etc.)
  • game init (init1.c / init2.c)
  • combat (attack.c, monster/*)
  • identify.c / stores.c / effects.c / randname.c

Usually contactable on #angband-dev, or the angband-dev mailing list, or on the forum.


Working on improving dungeon generation and introducing the quiver


Author of the much improved monster recall, working on improving the monster and object lists. Sometimes available on #angband-dev, and checks the forum regularly.


Working on object and monster stats generation. Usually watching or idling on #angband-dev, and reading the forum.