wiki:Finalising 3.3

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Split into pre- and post-3.3 suggested groupings

Tickets (and other issues) for addressing before 3.3 is released

A detailed list is at Tickets for 3.3

Group 1 - could be considered ok for 3.3 (if not actually finished, at least no longer needing urgent attention)

Group 2 - probably need some more work before 3.3

  • Various input issues: #1378, #1389, #1417, #1316, #1313, #1307, forum bug (and other InputRework bugs)
  • Revert or fix squelch (need to be able to kill a given quantity of items, at least)
    • Availability of protections, particularly confusion (not sure what the problem is here - magnate)
    • General availability of good/great items

Issues to cover at the devteam e-meeting (see AgendaJune2011)

  • When should we set a code freeze for 3.3?
  • More formal release engineering process