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This page is intended to give you the information you need to get started with using git to make your own changes to the angband source. It assumes that you have a working version of git installed (version 1.5.3 or newer), but it is merely a quick guide and is not intended to replace the git manual at

To create a local copy of the official angband repository, use git clone git:// But if you want to participate in development, it is best not to do this straight away. Instead, get an account at, go to the official angband/angband repository and click Fork. This will create a new repository called git:// This is the one you should clone locally using git clone git://

This will create a local repository with four branches. Use git branch -a to see them:

  • master
  • origin/master
  • origin/staging
  • origin/integration

Do NOT do your work in your master branch: this is asking for trouble. Create a new branch using git checkout -b newbranch, and do your work there. Use git commit -a to commit your changes to your new branch and then autogen/configure/make to test them.

Once you have tested your commits to your satisfaction, you can share them. Assuming you have created a new branch and made your changes as described above, you can publish your changes to the world by using git push origin newbranch - this will make your new branch appear on github for others to test. (It is advisable, but not essential, to use ssh keys for access to github.)

Do not worry about the staging or integration branches: they are irrelevant to your development activity. You can delete them from your fork with impunity if you are tidy-minded.

Keep your thinking clear: separate your work into different branches for different things. Create a branch called 'docs' if you want to work on some docs. Create one called 'stores' if you want to make changes to stores. Etc. There is no limit to the number of branches you can have, and you can use git checkout branchname to switch between branches at any time. (Ideally you should commit any changes in the current branch before switching branches, but git does not like people undoing things so read up on git stash if you need to switch branches and don't want to either commit or lose the current changes.)

If you are a member of "team angband" on github, please read Policy/GitMaster before making changes to the official angband repo.