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Angband 3.4.0

See ObjectDistribution for main issues.

Timo's current views are at

Also, what about game docs? 3.3.0 had a nice PDF manual from qwerty. 3.4 has RST help files - can we make them into a PDF? HTML?

Open tickets that should be fixed for 3.4

Tile effects that we can't support yet, like 2.5D walls and the wall decorations, will go to 3.5 along with possibly a reduced vision mode as exists in FA.

#757: Reduce MAX_RANGE so that you won't get offscreened with 32x32 tiles on a normal screen. (64x64 is hopeless for now.

Ticket Owner Summary
#757 Look into reducing LOS/LOF
#1134 magnate Update spoilers and angband-doc package
#1544 fizzix Proof in-game help for typos and obsolete refs
#1583 d_m Labyrinths sometimes have no up stairs
#1610 myshkin OS X build crashes at startup for PPC 10.5.8
#1616 Destruction effects can delete stairs
#1633 GabeCunningham Unignoring status not saved

Triage tickets

#1621: has anyone looked at this?
#1632: probably increase SLAY_CACHE_SIZE as the simple fix

Ticket Owner Summary
#1603 DROP_GOOD still present on non_uniques
#1621 myshkin Crash associated with Nar the Dwarf
#1632 noz Slay cache sometimes runs out of room(?)
#1636 magnate Randart phial getting +4 light radius

Open tickets that would be nice if they were fixed for 3.4

Re #1252, #1300, #1523, #1604: it'd be nice to get roguelike keyset working, but I guess not critical
#1505: not assigned, unlikely to be done
#1539: low priority

Ticket Owner Summary
#1098 noz make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little
#1252 takkaria Rogue keyset does not work with Enter command
#1300 takkaria Need a way to walk into trapdoors in roguelike keyset
#1417 fizzix Return key registers as ^J on (OS X, X11, SDL, gcu)
#1452 takkaria Need documentation for new keymaps
#1453 takkaria Document pref file syntax & fix in-game interfaces
#1490 myshkin Stat coloring / message bugs
#1493 myshkin At launch, main Angband window appears beneath OS X menubar
#1505 Squelching unknown flavours causes oddness
#1523 david3x3x3 Keymaps (e.g. the rogue-like keys) can be disabled by Num Lock in trunk
#1539 Remove warnings from all compiler platforms
#1543 noz Use standard configure variables
#1577 david3x3x3 Movement delay breaks movement
#1604 'K' as unignore conflicts with run north in the roguelike keyset
#1615 d_m Note-taking buffer should match history dump buffer exactly
#1642 ^J key registers as Enter on Windows

Triage tickets

Is the old #1282 still an issue? #1611 seems like a very specialized case. If anyone wants to look at #1626, please do; otherwise, punt.

Ticket Owner Summary
#1282 Crash on startup (v 3.2 Mac OS X 10.4.11 PPC)
#1586 Win client: handle special keys properly
#1611 molybdenum itemlist subwindow interferes with list item command
#1612 d_m Detect trap border interacting poorly with solid walls in GCU
#1626 Crash with dubtrain's sound pack

Open tickets that I don't understand/have an opinion on.

Ticket Owner Summary
#1232 d_m Improve -mgcu behaviour in 16-colour xterms
#1263 noz Add desktop entries to the source and buildsystem
#1273 myshkin Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game
#1280 noz Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR
#1287 takkaria Check up on licences of fonts
#1460 takkaria Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X
#1525 magnate create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc
#1584 takkaria Use orange asterisks for unseen gold
#1625 noz Autotools/buildsys build fails by default

Triage tickets

#1351: reported on 3.2, never been confirmed. Should we just remove this?
What's the problem with #1635?

Ticket Owner Summary
#1351 Unable to open or import save files
#1501 Sort out toggling of options
#1564 d_m Add libtermkey to the GCU port
#1628 molybdenum New spell display covers too much screen
#1635 Change from "when drunk" to "when consumed"

Open tickets that I will push to 3.5 or later.

#1580 may come in with the effects refactor. #997 and #1187 need new owners.

Ticket Owner Summary
No tickets found

Ticket Owner Summary
#997 MarbleDice Monster list should use columns and display direction
#1187 Chud Opening chests from a stack
#1324 GabeCunningham Add help files for editing monster.txt etc.
#1367 GabeCunningham Add [c]ursed option to the "tweak object" wizmode command
#1368 GabeCunningham wizmode: cope with negative values when tweaking objects
#1457 d_m Improve the run command
#1474 takkaria Keymaps should be able to clear -more- prompts
#1476 myshkin Improve stats collection for items
#1488 myshkin Too many actions are possible while confused
#1524 Remove the various huge *_info arrays, thus removing the need for maxima
#1580 magnate Elemental physical monster attacks should do damage regardless of immune status
#1590 magnate Recalibrate level feelings
#1591 Fix saving of options and keymaps
#1599 magnate Split up improve_attack_modifier
#1613 Use Buzzkill's UT32 tileset

Triage tickets

#1554 appears to require new event handling.

Ticket Owner Summary
#1500 Check article handling in messages
#1504 takkaria Tidy up lighting code
#1554 Message errors from Meteor Swarm
#1556 Change purple non-unique monsters to some other color
#1557 Show pushes to angband/v4 in #angband-dev
#1601 GabeCunningham monster.txt and poison resistance
#1637 d_m unknown items should by grouped at top of item list