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04/04/13 16:24:53 (8 years ago)

Terminal refresh calls have also been addressed.


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    44* Currently, resizing a window simply rescales its contents; the application does not permit different font sizes in different windows or non-default numbers of rows or columns. It should behave more like other multi-term modules. I have coded support for different font names and sizes in different terms, and setting the font will resize the term accordingly. I would like to add support for holding down Command while resizing to change the number of rows and columns in a term (or perhaps vice versa), but that is not present yet. 
    5 * Excessive terminal refresh calls are hurting performance. See #1669. 
    65* The window close buttons are currently disabled. They should instead work and automatically modify the subwindow preferences, or save and quit the game in the case of the main window, possibly with prompting. 
    76* The Cocoa port lacks the Open Recent... menu from the Carbon port. 
    1413* UTF-8 is now completely supported, as far as I know. 
    1514* The Cocoa port now has support for movement by mouse. See #1678 and commits 08ab3b9 and 2ad65bd. 
     15* Some excessive terminal refresh calls have been removed. See #1669. 
    1717Valgrind reports lots of leaks and errors, but many of them are safe to ignore. I will go through the output in more detail soon.