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    11== Cocoa module == 
     2=== 3.5.0 Release === 
     3* Resizable terminal windows have been added. On occasion, after resizing a window, a redraw might need to be forced using !^R. This will be fixed in the future. 
     4* Fixes some memory handling to better support OS X 10.5. See commit b1011f7cb2. 
     5* Window close buttons work properly. They, along with the Window menu, are based on the subwindow settings. (#1664) 
     6* Window visibility should be maintained across launches. In some cases, they still might need to be opened manually (from the Window menu). This will be fixed in the future. 
     7* The `safe-install target has been added to Makefile.osx. This will append the version number to the Angband directory in the Documents folder (only if the Angband directory needs to be created) and to the preferences file. (#506) 
     8* A Command menu has been added to the menu bar. This menu currently contains commands that were difficult or impossible to type using non-US keyboards. This menu will probably grow in the future. (#880, #1460) 
     9* Added right mouse click and mouse click plus modifier support to the Cocoa port. Also, mouse clicks should be more accurate in relation to screen elements in the game itself. 
     10* The default window layout is now nicely laid out, instead of windows cascaded onto the screen. 
     12=== Earlier Versions === 
    213The [ Cocoa port contribution] from ridiculousfish is a substantial improvement. We have made it the supported OS X display module, but it still wants some work before we can adopt it as the supported OS X module. Things I hope to fix before the next release: