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Cocoa module

The Cocoa port contribution from ridiculousfish is a substantial improvement, but still requires some work before we can adopt it as the supported OS X module. Things I hope to fix before the 3.4 release:

  • Currently, resizing a window simply rescales its contents; the application does not permit different font sizes in different windows or non-default numbers of rows or columns. It should behave more like other multi-term modules.
  • Keymaps do not work as expected. With roguelike keys, t knows that keymaps like ^B -> +1 exist enough to be able to append them to a file, but the query function doesn't know them, and they don't work in the game. Also, capital J becomes {S}J (which is technically correct, but quite cumbersome), and ^J becomes ^[Return] (and ^H becomes ^[Backspace]).
  • The Cocoa port chooses a different directory for save files, pref files, and the like from what the Carbon port used. I'll have to check the Apple docs to see which makes more sense.
  • The Cocoa port lacks the Open Recent... menu from the Carbon port.
  • The Cocoa port lacks support for double-height tiles, overdraw, and alphablend.

I have UTF-8 support mostly working in my v4-utf-8 branch.

Note that, because of the API functions it uses, the Cocoa module requires OS X 10.5 or later. We are also not supporting PPC machines.

Carbon module

We intend to deprecate the Carbon module for the 3.4.0 release, presumably with intentions to remove it in 3.5.0.


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