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Dungeon Generation

Current default method is roughly:

  1. Decide to build 36-50 rooms
  2. Divide the dungeon into 108 (6x18) blocks of 11x11 grids each
  3. Until we have built as many rooms as we want or run out of space:
    1. Pick a random block we haven't tried yet (out of the 6x18 total)
    2. Choose a rarity
    3. Choose a (weighted) random room type of that rarity
    4. Check the profile allows that room
    5. Check there is space for the blocks allocated for that room type, with the chosen block at the top left
    6. Build the room in that space
  4. Connect the rooms


  • Big question is whether to ditch the old block allocation system (fizzix).
  • Second big question is whether to use a more flexible corridor system, like A* (fizzix).


  • Different areas of level where special properties apply (Nick)
    • unmappable
    • no teleport
    • no summoning
    • "themed"

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