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Elements and Resistances

The whole glorious Angband elemental system (or more romantically, GF-types - seriously, where does that come from?)


  • Make object and player resistances ints rather than flags, and probably allow one for each GF-type (Nick)
    1. Perhaps we replace it with an int representing % resistance.
    2. Standard values are 0 (no resistance) 66 (single resistance) 89 (double resistance) 100 (immunity) and (-50) vulnerability for basic resists
    3. Get rid of the variable resists altogether and place a flat 50 (or 40, or whatever)?


  • Here are some ideas and issues - some of them I'm closer to sure about than others (Nick)
    • Make force push monsters and the player around as in O
    • Make plasma a mix of fire and electricity and unresistable
    • The stat-swap effect of nexus could be replaced by essentially a few (5?) random gain one lose one effects
    • The stat-swap could go to chaos, or to a new wacky-physical-effects type (involving mutation, maybe?)
    • Nexus could randomly summon stuff (motivation - it's a dimensional disruption)
    • Implement temporary or permanent effects - toxic or acidic clouds, etc
    • Is acid really a basic element (chemists' heads explode)? What if we only had three, or two?
    • Should we consider some sort of Sil-like (or other) treatment of light and dark?
    • Disenchantment should have a magic-dispelling effect
    • Maybe introduce storm from O - another combination resistable/unresistable effect like ice
    • Work out the relationship between RShards and cutting - should there be a pCut?