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Everything the player carries - equipment, inventory and quiver


  • It would be nice of the quiver were more intuitive, but I don't really have any ideas (Nick)
  • A quiver could be an item that always takes up an inventory slot and holds a specific number of arrows. You can have multiple quivers. (fizzix)
  • A huge boost would be decoupling inventory items from specific slots then allowing the player to remap them as they choose ala DCSS (fizzix)
  • I have a pile of code for a very generic inventory object. It is basically just a container data type, with the intention being that it is wrapped up with inventory-specific behavior. (molybdenum)
    • For example, the inventory object could be wrapped up in a pack object to represent the player pack. Then, the pack object would implement the existing sorting and organizing behavior.
    • The inventory object can also handle items in arbitrary slots, just like the player equipment, so it could be used as a base for that as well.