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    33=== Restructure === 
    5  * struct object (Nick) 
     5 * object structs (object_type, object_kind, egos and artifacts) (Nick) 
    66    * pvals are an obsolete hack, and should be replaced with actual values 
    77    * it would be nice to see tvals and svals go away too, but I'm not as clear how to do that 
    88    * ID (within this struct) is also pretty much a hack, and needs to be thought through; I have some ideas, but they're not radical enough yet 
    9     * int resist[GF_MAX], int brand[GF_MAX], int slay[RF_SIZE], seem fairly straightforward (but see see [wiki:PlanningWiki/BrandsSlays Brands & Slays] for another idea on this -- takkaria) 
    10     * int stat[A_MAX], and int bonus[SOMETHING_MAX] (for speed, stealth &c) could be separate or together 
    11     * bitflag flags[OF_SIZE] is also fairly clear, but maybe should have negatives/curses pulled out 
     9    * see [wiki:PlanningWiki/BrandsSlays Brands & Slays] for how to handle these -- takkaria) 
     10    * bitflag flags[OF_SIZE] is fairly clear, but maybe should have negatives/curses pulled out 
    1211    * there should be some fields for ID, and maybe pseudo-ID 
    1514    - For dual-wielding, you could add a flag on weapons/shields that permit offhand usage and move to weapon+offhand slots; this gives you the opportunity to restrict dual-wielding and shield usage independently. 
    17     * Latest consensus seems to be tval->type, sval->subtype (but retained), slays and brands to be handled as linked lists of appropriate (entity, multiplier) pairs (Nick) 
     16    * Latest consensus seems to be tval->type, sval->subtype (but retained) (Nick) 
    1817    * Also, probably one type per slot, then crown/helm and sword/hafted/polearm can be handled by flags (Nick) 
     19    * resist[GF_MAX], modifers[OBJ_MOD_MAX] (for stats, speed, stealth &c), brands and slays (both these two (entity, multiplier) linked lists) have now been added to all the object structs (Nick) 
    2022=== Post-restructure ===