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    3737 * molybdenum, I'm not sure what this gains us.  One advantage of the current system is that it is fairly clear and intuitive, whereas I'm having trouble understanding this one.  Can you explain its advantages? (Nick) 
    3838    * A concise answer: to allow object types to be created and modified more easily by just editing object.txt. As an example, someone wants to add new class of body armor to the game (say, orc armor, which has varieties like dragon armor). Currently, they'd have to add a new TV_ constant and then find everywhere that similar TV_ constants are used (in this case, adding TV_ORC_ARMOR to places where TV_DRAG_ARMOR shows up). The tval_ functions I added were a partial way of simplifying the TV_ mess, as well as to see what kind of places the TV_s were actually used. In the ideal implementation of my system, someone would only need to add entries for orc armor and set appropriate flags and such. Admittedly, I do need to flesh out details more; I just wanted to get the foregoing notes up so gaps in my thinking could be exposed. 
     39    * That sounds like a good aim.  I'll look forward to seeing code :) (Nick) 
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