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Wacky object struct plans

Object Generation


  • struct object (Nick)
    • pvals are an obsolete hack, and should be replaced with actual values
    • it would be nice to see tvals and svals go away too, but I'm not as clear how to do that
    • ID (within this struct) is also pretty much a hack, and needs to be thought through; I have some ideas, but they're not radical enough yet
    • int resist[GF_MAX], int brand[GF_MAX], int slay[RF_SIZE], seem fairly straightforward
    • int stat[A_MAX], and int bonus[SOMETHING_MAX] (for speed, stealth &c) could be separate or together
    • bitflag flags[OF_SIZE] is also fairly clear, but maybe should have negatives/curses pulled out
    • there should be some fields for ID, and maybe pseudo-ID