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Player Knowledge

What the player, the character and the game know


  • This is pivotal to ID, knowledge screens, monster memory, and so on - data structures need careful thought and clarity (Nick)

The Plan This seemed like a perfect solution. The idea was to have game and player versions of

  • The cave struct (so all monster, object, terrain etc information)
  • The player's inventory
  • The home inventory

and ID would just mean copying relevant info from game version to player version. It also has the ability to solve problems like the player 'seeing' doors being opened out of LoS. It is a blowout in memory use and savefile size, but twice zero is zero, right?

The Problem It doesn't distinguish between 'player doesn't know if object has this flag' and 'object does not have this flag'.

The Resolution There are a few possibilities, but essentially it comes down to 'add the known/unknown info'. The simplest way to do this is to have a third (possibly partial) copy, with 1 for known, 0 for unknown everywhere.

I would be delighted to hear more complete or more efficient solutions.