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Playing Arena

The current level


  • Most of the info about this is in the cave struct. I'm wondering about the name "cave" because of (a) town and (b) variants with wilderness. Maybe "arena" or some other word for the current theatre of operations (theatre is perhaps a bit theatrical). Or "level"? (Nick)
  • I would like to put in the capacity for saving off an entire level, optionally including monsters, objects, traps,... - it shouldn't be too hard, we already do it in savefiles. I see it as potentially useful for
    1. town instead of the current save-the-seed business and
    2. any future or variant level persistence. (Nick)
  • Update to all this: I have unilaterally renamed "struct cave" to "struct chunk"; chunks are saveable, and used a lot more in generation, and the town is saved and reloaded. The global variable (now a struct chunk) containing the current level is still called cave.