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  • Right now terrain covers other things like traps, doors, stairs, and internal features of the tiles (internal wall vs external wall) (fizzix)
  • Terrain should just be terrain. Floor, wall, iron wall (aka permanent wall) rubble, magma vein, quartz vein (fizzix)
  • Doors, stairs and traps become features on the terrain, sort of like objects. (fizzix)
  • So in the restruct branch (mine or takkaria's) traps are now in a "trap layer"; see PlanningWiki/Squares for more detail (Nick)
  • The different types of granite and permanent wall have now gone (Nick)
  • I'm currently thinking of changing so there's 3 types of doors - open, closed, broken - and any locking (or secrecy) is handled via the trap layer (Nick)
  • I think stairs should probably remain as terrain; I'm not sure about doors (Nick)