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    2020Once you are happy with an RC as bug-free, declare it as X.Y.0 by following the process on the ReleaseChecklist page. For the X.Y.0 release, you will also need to create a new branch for that series with "git checkout -b X.Y-release" and "git push official X.Y-release". You are the owner of this branch and the only person who should push to it. Development of X.Y+1-dev will continue in master - this branch is solely for the creation of X.Y.1 and any subsequent releases. 
     22After you've made the .0 released, punt any remaining X.Y.0 tickets to milestone Future. It is up to those who own them to decide which milestone they want to aim for. 
    2224= Releasing X.Y.1 et seq. = 
    2325If you are extremely lucky, your RCs will have found all the bugs, and your job is done. More likely, since many more people play a .0 release than an RC, new bugs will be reported. Again, make sure there are tickets for any that can be reproduced reliably, or (even if they can't) for those reported by more than one person. These tickets should use the X.Y.1 milestone. It isn't your job to fix them all, but to draw them to the attention of those who can.