Meeting happened 12 June 7pm UTC. Minutes here.


1. Release (takkaria)
Proposal: We define what the release engineer does and start rotating the role.

2. Status of 3.3

  • Where is 3.3 right now?
  • When should we have a code freeze?
  • When do we have time to code?

3. What to do after 3.3 (takkaria)
Proposal: We put 'big' feature work aside and work on playtesting, polish, and technical stuff (e.g. refactorings that don't break the world, testing)
Discussion: what to work on, in particular?

4. "Maintainer" and "developers"
Discussion: How do people feel about the current setup? Any concerns, issues?

5. Community bug submission/tracking
Discussion: How do we want to handle submission and discussion of bugs from dev release players? oook development forum? Encourage them to submit tickets and check for duplicates?

6. Regular check-in meetings (takkaria)
Proposal: That we set up some a date about a month away to have another focussed chat

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