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This is a list of tickets (by owner) that should be fixed for the current upcoming release, 3.4. (This page should be rewritten for future releases) A ticket will be on this list if, someone said they would fix it by 3.4, or it is a high enough priority even though no one has claimed it. Feel free to remove tickets as you solve them, or add any that I may have listed


Ticket Owner Summary
#1252 takkaria Rogue keyset does not work with Enter command
#1300 takkaria Need a way to walk into trapdoors in roguelike keyset
#1452 takkaria Need documentation for new keymaps
#1460 takkaria Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X


Ticket Owner Summary
#1523 david3x3x3 Keymaps (e.g. the rogue-like keys) can be disabled by Num Lock in trunk