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This is a list of tickets (by owner) that should be fixed for the current upcoming release, 3.4. (This page should be rewritten for future releases) A ticket will be on this list if, someone said they would fix it by 3.4, or it is a high enough priority even though no one has claimed it. Feel free to remove tickets as you solve them, or add any that I may have listed

First, the following issues have no champion or owner and really could use some help.

Critical for 3.4: Squelched items do not show up in the item list. see #1637

Much desired for 3.4: Magnate tentatively said that he'd be able to do #1505, but this is important enough that other people should look at it. The main issue here is that if you squelch and unknown flavor and then try to purchase it from a shop, you get a {squelch} pseudo *before* you buy it. There's some additional weirdness going on, but this is the most important part for 3.4

Also, if there is anyone that can make a commit or cherry-pick Nomad and CunningGabe?'s new rooms that are in 3.4, that should go in.


Ticket Owner Summary
#1252 takkaria Rogue keyset does not work with Enter command
#1300 takkaria Need a way to walk into trapdoors in roguelike keyset
#1452 takkaria Need documentation for new keymaps
#1460 takkaria Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X


Ticket Owner Summary
#1523 david3x3x3 Keymaps (e.g. the rogue-like keys) can be disabled by Num Lock in trunk


Ticket Owner Summary
#1098 noz make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little
#1263 noz Add desktop entries to the source and buildsystem
#1280 noz Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR
#1501 Sort out toggling of options
#1505 Squelching unknown flavours causes oddness
#1525 magnate create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc
#1543 noz Use standard configure variables
#1580 magnate Elemental physical monster attacks should do damage regardless of immune status
#1590 magnate Recalibrate level feelings
#1611 molybdenum itemlist subwindow interferes with list item command
#1625 noz Autotools/buildsys build fails by default
#1626 Crash with dubtrain's sound pack
#1637 d_m unknown items should by grouped at top of item list


Ticket Owner Summary
#1544 fizzix Proof in-game help for typos and obsolete refs

Blue baron

Ticket Owner Summary
#1606 Menu of items to sell does not match inventory slots
#1643 Exploit the full power of Shockbolt's tiles


Ticket Owner Summary
#1637 d_m unknown items should by grouped at top of item list

d_m has also tentatively volunteered to include the gabe/nomad rooms provided he can submit a new commit for it instead of trying to cherry-pick.