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Angband development tracker

Welcome to the Angband development wiki. If you do not consider yourself a developer but rather a player, you might prefer to read the main angband wiki at Of course, in the world of open source, anyone can be a developer - even if you only want to edit a single text file in lib/edit/.

If you have come to open a ticket, please check one or more of the following:

In particular, please check this last one before opening a new ticket, in case a ticket already exists for the same issue. Duplicate tickets are painful and should be avoided wherever possible: if you're not sure if your ticket would duplicate an existing one, leave a comment about your issue on the existing ticket in preference to creating a new ticket.

Whatever you aspire to do, please read the coding guidelines if you intend to read or modify the source code. To get a copy of the latest released development code, use git clone git://

The development wiki is still in, er, development. For now, we have the current useful things: